Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Piece of Furniture

I bought this kitty condo from Costco last week at the recom-
mendation of my coworker, Michelle. She said she just bought one and her cat loved it. I spent more on the condo than on the cat and Charlie wasn't impressed. He batted at the ball, napped on top, then went to sleep in our bedroom window. I was kicking myself.

Several days later I heard a racket and checking on the source, found Charlie in the condo, giving the ball a work-out, boxer style. I have to admit that by this time I had gone outside to clip the last of the catnip and spread it liberally all over the condo.

I think Charlie actually likes it. Silly me - does one ever know what goes on in the mind of a cat? It's so big that it's now a piece of furniture in our house, and this is the smallest one they sold.

"You bought me the *smallest* one?"


Marie said...

Hysterical! Charlie wants the big condo now...with a loom.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have several cats who would love that! Mind my asking how much it costed?

Beryl said...

Charlie looks stoned out of his mind on the catnip in that last shot.