Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Pictures

If you look on the map, midway on the right, you'll see the number 395. We drive through California on our way home from Reno on Hwy 395, and at that number is exactly where we turn off onto Red Rock Road. If you've ever driven north from Reno to Susanville, you might know this spot. We are within a mile of the state line, so our power comes from the Plumas Sierra Electrical Cooperative in Portola, California and our telephone service is provided by Rural Telephone in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. That might help explain why we're so anxious to get emergency training out here.

I love our service providers. Rural Telephone gives us long distance to Reno for a flat rate of $5 a month. I learned that value when were were building and my phone bills to our contractor were $30 a call. Yeah, that was before cell phones. Even so, I can call for a doctor's or hair appointment at no more than $5.00. That's valuable because cell service here is pretty wretched so far. How weak? If my phone rings, I have to grab it, tear through the French doors and get to the edge of the deck - and then we can talk. Weather permitting, the call may go unanswered.

A couple of years ago RTCI decided to lay cable and provide us with DSL service. We were more than happy to say adios to satellite internet, however, we're still in the sticks and we've had less than slick days.

Slick Day: This week RTCI is migrating their virtual email service to the cloud, i.e., Google Aps. Those who don't use Microsoft won't be affected, but I'm stuck. My emails are in the cloud and my address is resident in my Outlook. I'm sure there's a solution but apparently not an obvious one. On a good note, I finally got my iPod restored to communicate with my iTunes library after it has boycotted it for a month - second visit to the Apple store this month and a success. I have tunes to drive by and even though I'm totally bummed about Outlook, I'm calling this day a success. That's because Eleanor and I both had stellar check-ups, and are good for many more miles.

Ian and I started the day meeting with an attorney, to set up a trust so our kids don't get socked with the Spanish Inquisition. If you're not a Monty Python, I apologize. On on that note, I think I'll say good g'night, Gracie.

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Theresa said...

Ha! Put her in the comfy chair, that'll do it. Who doesn't love Monty Python. In fact I could probably sing you in total Look on the Bright Side of key of course.
Our e-mail has been spotty for days on Hughes, so...well dsl can't be any worse. I'm sure you'll get everything to rights soon.