Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the old, in with the new. My old swim goggles had gotten to a point where they were leaking, and in trying to stop that, they were so tight they were too painful to use. I asked a woman I swim with what goggles she uses - I was leaving the lane and she was getting in - she showed me hers and told me why she loves them so much, but warned me that I could probably only get them online. Finis - she pointed to the label.

I called Sports Authority from the car and asked if they carried Finis swim goggles. She said, we sure do! The gym is at the north end of the Truckee Meadows and the store it at least 20 minutes south - that's why I called. I couldn't find the Finis goggles so asked a clerk to help me. She cheerfully showed the Swedish brand swim goggles. I guess all Scandinavians run together in her brain. Actually, I've since learned that Finis is a Northern California company - sigh. I bought Tyr anti-fog goggles and for the first time can see underwater. It's really weird looking into the faces of swimmers as we pass each other in the lanes but it's also kinda cool.
I picked up our second CSA box yesterday after my swim. It is an astounding horn of plenty. We ate the asparagus last night. It's the first time I've eaten it the same day it was picked. I'll probably put the turnips in with mashed potatoes again. Did I mention that it's $417 for six months of weekly vegetables???? Color me smug.

The program at my weaving guild meeting tonight was a hands-on presen-
tation of pick-up in inkle weaving. Beryl Moody and Igor Raven came over from Nevada City to present this program and then drove back afterwards. I complain that I drive two hours for an 1 1/2 meeting. They drove four hours! They have both been huge influences in my weaving life so I didn't think I was interested in the subject, but I wouldn't have missed them unless I had broken legs and couldn't shift my car. Beryl prepped all four of those looms for us to mess up.

This is the Gilmore modified inkle loom that Bob Allen has created and it was the loom that Beryl did her demonstration on. I suppose it's really a modern cousin of the indigenous people's backstrap loom. I took an inkle weaving class and hated it so much that I gave my loom to Amy, my instructor, no reflection on her instruction. It was too primitive a technique.
Several of us had a go at this warp and pattern. I ended up sticking to it with Suzanne's help - she explained that we're going to be doing a lot of this in our Pebble Weave workshop next month, which reminds me - I need to make arrangements with Jeanne to pick up her loom! I started to get the hang of it and everyone was packing up. I had no idea I'd enjoy this so much and I think it was because the loom had two sheds - no primitive finger action.

I got to chat with Beryl about the turned taquete towels that I've been weaving. I got the pattern from her. She told me about the colors that she likes to pair, and I came away with a plan for a little different warp, but I'll wait for my new yarns to get here. I could have had them en route by now, but I'm so horrible with numbers that I muffed up the online order. They emailed me that I got an F in credit card information. Okay, not quite that harsh. So I'll just have to weave the next lap robe. Since I spun and dyed the wool, I don't have to wait for delivery.
This is the display that Beryl and Igor brought for us to peruse. They will be back to teach a full workshop on Saturday, but I'm committed to Kiernan's Little League and am sorry to miss this learning opportunity.

We started the meeting with the election of officers. I'm so excited - Igor and Beryl are going to do the newsletter for next year. I got a call several months ago from Lorene, asking if I'd be willing to accept the nomination of president. We are a small guild and everyone has had a turn at the offices. I've been lurking. I felt it only fair to say yes, since I've never served in any office and this guild has fed me for a very long time. So ta-da - the 2012/2013 prez is I. In with the new.


Maggie said...

Congratulations, President Sharon!

Cindie said...

I love inkle weaving - so glad you're starting to enjoy it!

Amanda Cutler said...

Congrats on the presidency! & Good luck with it...

LA said...

Congratulations!!! You seem to have a great guild, so I know you'll enjoy working with everyone. I find the Inkle loom very can take it with you from room to room!