Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Steps

I took photos of my loom and warping board to my physical therapist Kris so he could see what I'm asking him to clear me to do.  He said okay - but activity just to tolerance.  I decided that ten 20" wide towels aren't a good starting point so I removed that warp and wound this scarf warp instead.  It took about a half hour and I did it in two separate sittings. I'm taking baby steps and it seemed to go okay.

Ian and I made a Costco run after physical therapy.  He had been looking at cameras on Consumer Reports to replace my aging Panasonic PowerShot.  His recommendation was another Nikon Cool Pix.  The price was right so this picture is from my new S9500.  The shutter speed is, well, speedy. 

It also has some special effects that I can apply right from the camera to look like the smart phone camera apps.  This is one is called Toy Box Effect.
This special effect is called Painting.  It's looks like a quick pass through Photoshop, which might be okay since nothing about Photoshop is ever quick.
I keep a quilt on Lilith when she's not in use so she won't get bleached out with the sun streaming through the window.  
Now that Maddie is in the studio with me, this is her place - a fort!
This morning I started the next step and sleyed some of the warp.  I do it by the clock so when 20 minutes was done, so was I.  I thought I'd get back to it this afternoon but decided to wait a day.  I'm having problems with muscle spasms on the left side of my neck and don't want to make them worse. 

I finished this set for great-granddaughter Olivia in Massachusetts and want to get them in the mail next week.
This is what's holding me up.  I want to also make her a Christmas hat but wasn't able to get to Jimmy Beans until Monday, after physical therapy - different day from the camera.  I'm using the orange and purple pattern.  I know I'm my own worse critic but so far it's just not floating my boat.  I'm sticking with it, hoping just once, it will be even cuter than the picture.


Annie said...

It's months ago since I read blogs (didn't write many either) because I started this year with an accident that will sound familiar to you: I got up at about 4 in the morning, went to the bathroom, fainted, probably hit my head against the tiled edge of the bath an d came to with my face pressed on the tiled floor...
Blood pressure medication could have been the reason of fainting. I had been feeling horrible since I started taking that. Fortunately there was no need for me to go to hospital. I 'just' had a concussion, and, as it turned out later, my skull, just above my eye, was broken. Of course the right side of my face was swollen. It made me feel like doing nothing at all, but in the end the fibers and yarns were caling me. Now most seems back to normal here, although I still get tired in no time. Reading books is great at those times, in spite of eyes closing when you don' expect it... But I did finish the Goldfinch (Donna Tartt) this week.
Hope you'll be able to do most of the things you wish to do. Sorry I didn't read about your accident sooner. I'll certainly think about you and about coincidences.

karensspinzen said...

I'm so happy for you, that you're able to start back at your loom. You'll be back to timer free before you know it!
And the red and white hat is cute. She'll look like an upscale candy cane!

benita said...

Yay!!! You are back to weaving!!! Okay, it's a start and that is awesome.

I like the red and while hat a lot. Keep going, please.

The wee hat and mitts are so adorable.