Saturday, May 26, 2018

Finally Enjoying the Outdoors

We had our first visitor in the RV pad for this year.  Our friend Amy is a life/science librarian at the university in Reno and was on her way to two conferences in the PNW.  She look some annual leave in order to pull her trailer to take a little vacation on the side, which included us.
Her time with us was brief but I knew exactly the perfect place for her to see, the High Desert Museum.  She loved it and wanted to see every inch, the wildlife, the otters, the snakes, the birds of pray, the whole enchilada. 
We stopped in at the Miller Ranch and Sawmill where I was glad to see that they had put protective covers on the hens to prevent further hen pecking!
And of course, she appreciated the newly opened exhibit on mountaineering and camping.
This is the only guide I have for my interpretive role but Linda, the director of Living History, is leaving for a two-week conference and told me yesterday that when she returns we're going to revamp our approach so that the Living History is an integrative story.  We're all creating backstory on the fly when we're role playing so I think what she means is that we're going to get our stories straight - good news!  You can see why Linda says she "lies for a living."
I've been spending a lot of time working in the yard.  Two years ago our friend Chris Smith was our first RV visitor and took this picture of Ian's garden boxes.

I took a picture this morning of my progress.  It may not look like much but first I have to pull all the wild grasses that filled the area and prevented the sprinklers from doing their job.

This is another picture that Chris took.  I had made some headway on the grasses by then and had planted the perennials in the foreground.
I took a picture of the same area this morning.  On the left next to the ornamental rooster you can see that the Butterfly Weed has just started to come back.  It will be magnificent and the butterflies love it!

I finally finished the "twin" sweater to the one I made for my granddaughter last Christmas.  I have another sweater in progress, finished enough that I could try it on last night.  It's from handspun and not the gauge I thought it was. I have a lot of reknitting to do - sigh.

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Michelle said...

Another great sweater! It's been a LONG time since we visited the museum; would love to come back.