Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snowed In

It started snowing on Sunday, really a mix of rain and snow, but it froze on the roads and we were notified that all schools would be closed on Monday.  I'm signed up for text notices from the community college and knew when I went to bed I wouldn't be going to art class the next day. We woke to this Monday morning and it kept coming.  The weather service reported a record-breaking 26" of snow on Monday, more than an inch an hour.  At this point schools have been closed for three days.

Monday morning Ian was out with the snowblower, trying to dig us out, but the icy under layer made it difficult to get any kind of traction.  He had to plow several passes before he could get the wheels on top of the freshly exposed snow.  We measured 13" of snow at that point.  The first thing we needed were pee-pee paths for Sammie. 

She didn't need any encouragement, just did her business and ran back to the garage.  Even in that short time she was covered in snow and I'd have to clean her off before she could go back in the house.
This is from our bedroom looking into the back yard when I woke up this morning.  Juniper bushes are under the lumps in the background but that lump in the foreground is nothing but a barricade of snow on our deck, and it's going to be there for a while.

I measured several places Monday afternoon and all were 18 inches, and even though it kept coming, I  lost interest in bundling up to go out and measure again.
Today there's no sign of the bench that I posted in my first shot.
We're getting a little break this morning and it's so nice to see the sun.  It took a couple hours this morning but Ian has us dug out to the street.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and a break between storm systems.  Time to go grocery shopping!

We're going to get a little break before more snow, though with these temps, it's going to be with us for a while.
My sentiments exactly!!


Michelle said...

SO glad the Cascades and other ranges are getting back to sufficient snowpack again, though!

Theresa said...

Feel lucky, we got about 3.5 feet and it started last Saturday and this is the first morning it hasn't been snowing when I've gone pout to feed. Hurray for snow pack!

hahaha said...
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