Friday, July 21, 2006

More Wild Horses

I will tell you right now that this post is off topic. I’ve read Who Let the Blogs Out by Biz Stone. I know that a Blogger is supposed to stay on target with stated topics. However, I do live in Nevada and I do drive by wild horses on my way to work right now and I do love to see them and I do want to share them with anyone who will let me. And look – count them – there are eighteen – all shapes and colors. Ironically, at the bottom of the canyon is a large horse ranch with gorgeous horses who would distain to consort with the likes of these.

Please indulge me one more horse picture and I promise I'll stop.

And here are the white pelicans. I said there were two, but only showed one yesterday. There really are two. I still don’t understand what they’re here in the high desert. But I’m glad they are.

Tomorrow I need to dye with the cottonwood stew. I cooked it for one hour and then it's been decomposing in the garage for the past two weeks. I'm hoping for a bright yellow dye. Does any natural dye not dye yellow??


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Not off-topic since the beautiful sage greens and spring greens and soft browns of the Nevada landscape inspire your dyeing and color blending!

Sharon said...


White pelicans nest at Lahontan Reservior and stop at various bodies of water on their journeys. I've seen them at Little Washoe Lake, Pyramid and other larger bodies of water.

Kathy Z

Beryl Moody said...

I've seen large flocks of white pelicans flying over Nevada City -- maybe 50 or more. I rarely saw white pelicans when I lived on the coast -- only the brown ones and it doesn't seem rational to me that they nest in Nevada, but there you go!

upssidetown said...

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