Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sock Yarn

We had a demon-
stration on using knitting machines following our guild meeting today. One of our members brought four machines and took us through all the steps and uses of these machines. Those of us who brought yarn were then free to try it ourselves. I had some 80/20 wool/nylon yarn that I bought many pounds of from the Robin & Russ yarn club, when there still was a Robin & Russ. I made balls of two skeins, but being in a hurry, I didn't weigh them. They are now knitted into this one strip. Allison did this last year with two "blanks" she bought from Nancy Roberts, which she dyed in stripes, unraveled and then knit into socks.
I made this pair of socks from that yarn some time ago, and after I got home, weighed them at 3 ounces. The strip of blank weighs 14 ounces! I think I'll zigzag it on the machine into three or four sections and dye each one a different pathway. I look forward to seeing what I get from this, besides more socks that I don't need.

I haven't been able to transfer my files from my old computer to my new one. It requires a special cable which I need or order. Until then, I'm having to rebuild my address book one address at a time. I am frustrated at having no addresses at all. I have to open both computers and then type them in, one at a time. This new computer thing sure takes a lot of time and provides many occasions for bad words. I've promised my old one to my daughter, but at this rate, it's going to be a while.


Valerie said...

Why not send a "test" email to eveyrone in your address book. Then you can add them to the current computer from that email?

Sock blanks look fun! I have a knitting machine in the basement closet. I think about it often...but that hasn't inspired me to pull it out.

Valerie said...

PS. Include yourself in that suggested email. (duh)