Friday, July 04, 2008

Turkish Rugs

Gayle arranged to have a Turkish rug trader visit us the morning we were scheduled to leave. He was returning from a show in Las Vegas and she promised him ladies interested in weaving. I don't think we disappointed him. He certainly didn't disappoint us!

Take a look at the inventory in the back of his truck and consider that few of the rugs he showed us were valued under $1,000. They were gorgeous and I was glad that the temptation was limited since I had to leave early to pick Ian up at the airport.
This piece that Lindsey is holding is hand-
knotted silk in tiny stitches and is priced at $15,000.

This one is machine woven from natural dyed wools. What a difference those natural dyes make.

And a closer look. I love the variations in shades. The green is pistachio, the blue is indigo, and the red is pomegranate.


And back.

And still the rugs kept coming. He recognized who the potential buyers were and quickly began to pull rugs out that he thought might meet with their approval. It was a great show but nothing can last forever. I reluctantly got into my packed car and drove down the mountain, back to Reno and the airport.

Back to the real world - my real world, that is. (Click for big)

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Birdsong said...

What a rare treat so see so many fine rugs at once... I will probably never, ever be able to consider buying one, but love them.