Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The clouds this morning were so specta-
cular that I finally had to stop and snap this picture. We've been through many days of smoke from the Yosemite fire, yet another fire, so I was beside myself to finally see genuine Nevada Sky. We do sky very well here. Two hours after I took this picture according to the news, the valley was hit with a lightening storm.
A coworker came to find me in the library stacks this afternoon to say that Ian needed to speak to me right away. A neighbor had called him to say that we had a wildfire. I lasted another two hours at work, but following news online, decided I needed to go home or have a nervous breakdown. The wind has given us a present, but our relief is someone else's grief. I think the sign in the foreground is ironic against the backdrop of smoke.

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Margene said...

We flew over our part of the world last weekend and could see the smoke hovering above the mountains and Lake Tahoe. My thoughts were with you and Birdsong!