Sunday, April 19, 2009

And so

Buster absolutely loves his Sammi. Grand-daughter Sissy and I have decided to her spell her name Samm - with an i. She says it's "cool." It's a fact that hunting and herding dogs fight - ssh, please don't tell these two.

They play like this without end and then lay side by side in the sun when they're done. Eddie, not pictured, came to us because he was fighting with the labs on his horse ranch. He loves this lab and we don't pretend to understand.
Eddie however has his own sleeping arrange-
ment, i.e., he sleeps alone. Buster has agreed or submitted to share his berth. Poor Buster. His roommate, whether a cat or a lab, is a bed hog.
I thought this little bit of spinning results was of interest. I only own one knitty knotty so skein all my yarn onto it. It's an Ashford and I believe that it provides me with yarn in one yard results. The lighter yarn is Lincoln, i.e., s-crimp wool, and the brown is Corriedale, a medium-crimp wool. I always full my yarns because I don't like surprises in my knitted results. Look at the differences in the fulled results.


MiniKat said...

Sammi looks right at home. :-) Beautiful yarn you've spun up!

bspinner said...

Sammi sure has made himself a member of the family. Glad to see him so happy.
Handspun looks great!

vlb5757 said...

I love the pictures of the dogs. We have the same situation here. My doxies play with the boxer all the time. Someone is being chewed on. They sometimes sleep together too. 5 dogs in one house is pretty busy. I love how you have hung your yarn over the chair. I do the same thing!

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I just love how they are getting along so well's meant to be;)

Jodi said...

Such cute dogs. I'm glad it's turning out well for Sammi!

Birdsong said...

What an educational example of the differences once spun yarn is 'done'. I love the photo of dogs sharing beds... we have just one large bed for that very reason.

Robin said...

Love the doggie bed picture!

Life Looms Large said...
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Life Looms Large said...

I'm finally starting to catch up on blogs I like to read!!

I love the picture of the dogs sprawled across two dog beds. Too cute!

This might be a totally dumb question, but when you say you always full the wool after spinning, does that mean you wash it to get it to shrink? (I'm curious because I'm thinking of weaving with a combination of wools from different sources - and I'm worried about the wools having different shrink rates. Your post gives me the idea that I could skein them and wash them and then weave with them - so they could get their shrinking out of the way.)

I'll come back here to look for an answer if you have any thoughts! Thanks!


beadlizard said...

Can you send some photos of the happy dogs to Sammi's previous owner? Such a good thing you have done to provide a loving home.

The hanks of yarn look just right for the breeds. Cormo can shorten even more during fulling. Are you fulling to the point of removing elasticity or just enough to "set" the yarn?