Sunday, May 03, 2009

Where I Live

I am so glad to have my camera back because I've wanted to show you where I live. On the map, north of Reno you will see where Hwy 395 in California bows east and touches the Nevada State line. That's where I took this picture after the inkle workshop yesterday, looking north toward Susanville. This is called Long Valley. It's a really very very long valley - very long.
And this is called Long Valley Creek. It really is a trickle, but at this spot, beaver dams have backed up the trickle and created the illusion of abundant water. This is the first time since I've gotten my camera back this Spring that I have not been in a hurry. I could barely hear all the bird calls over the busy highway sounds. I didn't worry about being alone, walking along the highway. People drive too fast to stop.
I've wanted to have an oppor-
tunity forever to get a picture of this tree. It grows right out of that rock. I was at a neighbor's party last night and told him I'd stopped for this photo. He was surprised that it's still alive. It is still alive, but I don't know how.

From where I've parked, turning my camera east I have captured the red rocks that signal our turnoff and our exit from California. One mile inside the turnoff, the road becomes Nevada. I know there are lots of places called Red Rock and we're one of them. We live in Red Rock Valley.
I shot this from my car window, because I could. I'd had enough of the crazy wind.


Theresa said...


Lovely photos and so different from what I am use to seeing. Such wide open spaces. It must be teeming with life among the rocks and scrub. I'm rooting for that little pine tree! :-)

Hilary said...

I am so used to the Adirondacks, I would have a hard time getting used to all that rocky terrain without trees.
I am going to post some mountain pics, but not til the leaves are out.

bspinner said...

We live in the valley between two mountain ranges but nothing like you do. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for taking the time to take these pictures and sharing with the rest of us.

Mona said...

randomly fell on you blog...lovely photographs.

wooly daisy said...

i sooo love your photos-reminds me of new mexico. i love the high desert! the smell of sage is so intoxicating. liam wants to come insulator hunting at your house!

Robin said...

Love all the photos but especially the one of the lone tree growing up through the rock. Your landscape pics are always so cool!

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of where you live! It is very different from green or snowy New Hampshire that I'm used to!