Friday, June 12, 2009


I finished the socks from Cherry Tree Hill. Amy warned me that the yarn would run like crazy. I washed them, and they ran as she had predicted . I'm okay with that since these are for me, but I don't think I'd use this yarn for gift sock and it's too bad, because I love the short color runs.

It's June and I certainly didn't expect to be able to wear them this season, but it's been just that unseasonably cold. We've even have a couple of fires in the wood stove - crazy. The weather patterns are changing and I hope I'm going to like the new ones.

Double Eyelet Rib Pattern - multiple of 7 stitches. I cast on 56.

Rows 1,2 & 4: p2, k5
Row 3: k2tog, yf, K1, yf, sl 1, k1

This is what I have been spinning for the past couple of months - blah, blah, blah. My plan is to get enough yarn spun for a natural dye day. I have four wools here: the white on left is Bluefaced Leicester, then it's luster longwools in white, champagne and gray. I love how the colored wools overdye. The Blueface is for hats and the rest for double-weave wall hangings, just as soon as I learn how to do double weave. Did I mention that I'm retiring in four days and will have time to learn things like that?
Nothing goes without snooper-
vision, as you can see. With the socks finished, I have no stash yarn. I'm thinking about placing a Knit Picks order, getting a couple of sock yarns and some plain wool to toss into my natural dye pots for a fair isle sweater. Thoughts.
This odd structure is a barn loom that my brother brought down right after we moved here. It sat outside through the winter and when Laura and I finally assembled it, it was so damaged that there was no weaving potential left. It is a bird feeder now. I had planned to trellis the roses but they had plans of their own.


Wool Enough said...

Congrats on the socks and commiseration for the color running. I just hate it when that happens. But most important of all -- four more days!!!! Wahoo! You are going to LOVE retirement.

Jodi said...

No stash yarn?!? Wow!

The socks look just gorgeous, and I love all the natural hues of what you've been spinning.

Congrats in advance on retirement!

bspinner said...

Great socks!!!!!! Thank goodness the yarn was varigated and the finished socks were for you. I just washed some black shawls I wove and couldn't believe how much the dye ran. That never happened to me with black yarn before.

I hope you enjoy retirement as much as I do.

You are so creative!!!! Love what you did with the old loom!!!

Life Looms Large said...

4 more days!!! Awesome!!

Those socks are really pretty. Love the color!

Love the cat on the loom!

And that outdoor loom.....that's definitely a sight!


Robin said...

Great FO! I really like that stitch pattern.

beadlizard said...

So, are you free today???

The socks are pretty, but that's a bummer about the dye. Bother.

Your spinning is pretty.