Monday, June 01, 2009

One Glove Down,

It's Monday morning, three days after planting our poor wilted tree, and look at it now. I'm confident it will thrive. The root ball was dry when Tom pulled it out. We soaked the basin, including some smelly fermented fish stuff in the bath. What made the tree happy wasn't anything we did. We have had an abnormal spell of afternoon thunderstorms and soaking rains for two days and predicted for two more. The timing is perfect. These are our April showers - in June.
I'm very pleased with the first fingerless glove, which now that I think about it, appears more like a gauntlet. I sent a picture by phone to DD Chrissie and she is thrilled. I'm a little concerned about getting the second one to look close enough to be an actual pair. This is Noro yarn, and the color runs are so long that finding a place to start the second glove was, well, interesting. Chrissie asked if maybe I could make her a flap cap to match. I need to get back to Jimmy Beans to see if there's another skein on this color left. It was on sale, so I'm not optimistic but it really would be fun to make. The other thing is that it's kinda scratchy and might not feel as nice as it looks.

About a month ago Chrissie started talking on Facebook about needing a Three Woof Moon t-shirt, available at Amazon, which you can see here. At that time there were about 300 hundred comments. Ian thought it was so funny that he ordered one for her. The t-shirt is up to over 900 comments and has made broadcast news and now there's a YouTube video, a parody of "Colors of the Wind" from Disneys' Pocahontas which you can see here. It brings me back to the question of meme and social networking. I read that virulogists are actually looking at us learn more about how viruses spread.


bspinner said...

The tree looks so pretty with the roses behind it. What's the wooden thing in the picture?
I love the gloves but don't think I'll make any. My hands get so cold I usually wear mittens to keep them warm. Good luck with finding the same yarn.
Interesting about Facebook. Never used it.

Mim said...

Thank goodness you and Ian are in the neighborhood to adopt dogs and trees! Love the glove!

Robin said...

There's nothing like a good soaking rain. The glove looks totally fun!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I'm more of the mind that these are our July thunderstorms in June. Hoping it keeps going and we get lots of moisture this year!

Valerie said...

The glove looks great! I know what you mean about those long, confusing Noro repeats.

Am so glad the trees got the "drink" they need. My impatiens are all in, but they are not quite getting the "warm" they need. However, I do like my 65 degree days, so am not complaining too much.

Life Looms Large said...

Yay!! The tree is happy!!! Glad it pulled through.....especially since soaking it in anything fishy is certainly going above and beyond the call of duty!!

That is a super cool glove!! Looking out my window on a gorgeous day like today - it seems like gloves would never be necessary! (I can dream, right?)


Tina T-P said...

So glad the tree is looking a little spiffier - love the glove too - I'm going to make a pair for the lady who answers our phone - it gets really cold where she sits in the winter. They are a little different with crochet tho...T.

Birdsong said...

You are right, there couldn't be a better time for transplanting those trees! The gauntlet looks really cool... hope you can get a close-enough match.