Monday, July 16, 2012

Alexia, Day One

I finally got some studio time today. Alexia was playing Wii this morning so I tore out the red and went to the solid, red flecked blue. I may add the red later. I was impressed with Linda's rag rug that she showed at the guild meeting Saturday. The warp is 6 epi, in a 12 dent reed, sleyed every other dent. I have a 6 dent reed so can't wait to try that next time. It was great to see a rug in person!
Beryl gave me permission to use one of her Flickr photos of the Yuba River as my inspiration image for the Nevada County Fair. I'm entering a towel in the Inspired by Nevada County category.
I started rooting around my cones today, looking at the photo. Alexia went through all the cones with me, matching them to the photo. She approves of my choices. These are the colors that match, but I really don't have colors for the rocks and that's a huge part of picture. I emailed Michael at the Georgia Yarn Company. By this evening I had a confirmation that he had the cones in stock that I needed and they are in route - will be here by the end of the week. That's faster and cheaper than Webs and the cotton is made here in the US. He's got my attention.
Alexia and I went over to Mim's today. I'm completely out of eggs and since Mim didn't have a full dozen, we went out to see if there were more. Alexia was so excited because Mim let her collect them.
You can't get eggs any fresher than this! She's taking them from the nest to the crate. I told Lex that we would go over after lunch. She asked me all morning if it was lunch yet.
She was hoping against hope that Mim still had her rabbits because she loves to hold them. Her face says it all. Shortly after this she saw a garter snake in the barn that left her talking non-stop about it for the next hour. I told Mim and she redirected the snake away from her Jack Russell. They're living mouse traps, but I'm with Lex. They scare me too.
We finished our visit with a tour of the garden - so many fun and interesting things. This is where they are tasting the currants and Alexia is explaining the perfect ingredients to make them into a "tasty" dish. We came home with our locker lamb - we buy one from Mim every year. I feel so fortunate to know where my food comes from.
I got a warp wound this morning while Alexia was playing on the Wii. I know you think I'm prolific, but honestly, I can't bear to watch TV. This was just a 2 1/2 hour investment of my time and I loved it - the window open, breeze blowing through the room and best of all, the birds in the trees just outside.


LA said...

You sure are making lots of memories for Alexia! How wonderful! I think you've captured the colors of the River for your next warp!!!

Benita said...

Boy do I agree with you about watching TV - it rots the brain.

I love the picture you are going to weave from. And thank you for the link to the new-to-me yarn company. I will be checking them out.

Cindie said...

Can't wait to see those towels woven, they're going to be beautiful - there just might be a fair blue ribbon in your future!

Valerie said...

Wow, these are experiences that Alexia will always remember!

Love the colors for the towels. I'm interested to see what colors you ordered from Michael and what you think of the yarn.