Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kick Off Tomorrow

The Country Garden colorway is what I hoped for.  I posted a picture of my warp fresh off the loom to Facebook and asked for feedback as it was looking pretty "rainbow sherbet" to me. The consensus was that the colors were faithful to "country garden" but one punny friend suggested I call them Rainbow Schubert because they're music for the eyes.
The Harvest Fields palette is so much more subdued than anything else I've done.  I'm looking for feedback this weekend before I make another yarn order next week.  I'll be curious to see how these go. 
Not all of us will be in the booth the whole time but it's going to be a tight fit when we're all three.  I had emailed the event coordinator with a question about our site and got a corrected map. We had gotten together on Sunday to draft out the space.  We learned that we're tucked against a planter in the courtyard which will affect traffic and access.  Erase.  Do over. 
I got an email the day before yesterday from the event coordinator saying we were four days and counting!  She had some reminder points but one threw us for a loop.  Table drapes are required to be to the floor.  That wasn't in the original information and left us scrambling.  Carol had sewed up our table covers but they certainly weren't floor length.  Kerry found these plastic ones at a party supply place on her lunch hour and they match.
Note to self.  Dress nice tomorrow.  Kerry took this one of our drafted space.  We moved tables and moved them again but this is the final arrangement.  Eight square feet for three people and inventory isn't much, but we decided we can fit in two chairs.  One of us gets to stand and that's where the Ibuprofen comes in - thanks for the suggestion Benita!

This is a major craft fair in our area and it also benefits the high school my kids attended.  It's a massive undertaking and completely managed by volunteers.  We're excited!


re'New said...

Hope you have a great show! I REALLY like the Harvest Fields towels, especially the cocoa colored one. And the mustardy colored one, and the green ones! :)

Marion B. said...

I like the muted colourway today but I know I like the other one tomorrow. I like them both!!!!!!
I hope you have a lot of fun tomorrow, and a lot of sales too.

Cindie said...

Have a great time this weekend with hopes you come home with empty bins! I use to the floor table clothes just because I like to hide stuff underneath. Love all the towel colorways you've done - they're great.

Wool Enough said...

Hope it goes well! I like the Harvest Fields palette; bet others will too.

Benita said...

I love the Harvest Fields colorway. They speak to my farmer soul.

Good luck!