Monday, August 15, 2016

Time to Weave!

I'm weaving more towels, this time in the neutral warm colors of autumn.  People ask for them.
And I'm still struggling with these baby blankets.  I have 8" left to go on the second one and then one more after that.  This has pretty much cured me of tartan envy.  Splicing the yarns at the beginning and ends of each color is not fun.
I'm going to weave the next baby blankets in huck lace from this cone of white cotton/acrylic.  I'd like to have at least a half dozen baby blankets for our Guild's Holiday sale in November.  I'm trying to offer things that the two other ladies I'm sharing booth space won't have.
This is the yarn for my next set of dishtowels.  I'm going to weave Sarah Jackson's "Crackle Weave" dishtowels in the latest issue of Handwoven which means I'm going to have to follow instructions instead of doing my own thing.  It's been six months since our workshop with Susan Wilson and I decided that this is probably the best refresher for me.
And if I can get the hang of it, I'm going to weave these cones of 3/2 mercerized cotton into baby blankets using Polychrome Crackle and three shuttles.  After all the splicing I've been doing I'll bet that changing shuttles at each pic will seem quick and easy.
This is the last major yard work for this year.  It's turned into a large patch of dirt and I'm trying to decide how risky it would be to buy rhododendrons for this spot.  Before Ian removed the tree it was a done deal in my head but now I'm on the fence, literally and figuratively.  If I'm wrong it would be a costly and disappointing mistake.  The other half of the yard that we haven't done anything with is behind me which is also where the hot tub is.  Our method for dealing with it is called avoidance.


Theresa said...

Gosh Sharon, I can pick up rhodies for under $20.00 in the spring, decent sized too, 5 to 7 gallon pots. Of course if you want them larger to fill the space you'll pay more.
If it's shady an arctic willow might like that spot too. I'm sure you'll find something.
Nice weaving!

LA said...

You've got a bunch of colorful projects in your future! Have fun!