Saturday, June 16, 2007

Literary Suspense

In this ingenious literary thriller from Michael Gruber, the lives of two men are changed forever by William Shakespeare and the letters of Richard Bracegirdle, a 16th-century English spy and soldier. Jake Mishkin, a Manhattan intellectual property attorney and a bit of a rake, goes on the run from Russian gangsters. Albert Crosetti, an aspiring filmmaker working for an antiquarian bookstore, finds that life is more exciting than movies—perhaps too exciting. Together, Mishkin and Crosetti travel to England in search of a previously unknown Shakespeare manuscript mentioned by Bracegirdle. Though the pace sometimes slows to allow Mishkin, Crosetti and Bracegirdle to divulge interesting aspects of their personal lives, these digressions only make the story more engaging. The suspense created around the double-crosses and triple-crosses works because of the close connection readers forge with Crosetti in particular. The mysterious murder of a Shakespearean scholar, shootouts in the streets of Queens and an unlikely romance all combine to make for a gripping, satisfying read. This book received a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly and it gets a starred review from me as well.


Jodi said...

That sounds really interesting! Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of this book before at all. BTW, I most certainly do have stash storage problems. I have a hard time turning down a good deal on yarn.

Beryl Moody said...

I put it on my wish list. Sounds like something I would enjoy.

woolydaisy said...

hey sharon-russian gangsters? sounds like it's right up my alley-i'll have to check into it-