Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is the place in the Sierras where we will be cutting Christmas trees, a week from tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving - already! So far, no snow but it's supposed to rain on Sunday. We've never cut trees without snow on the ground. The Forest Service permits are on the counter, ready to go.

I'm still spinning for Alexia's sofa blanket. I've finished the grey that I will overdye in three colors, maybe this weekend. I haven't decided what colors yet - whatever strikes me (and the wool -ha!) when the time comes.

Here are two finished skeins. I wasn't going to full them before weaving, but I realize that when I dye the grey, it will be fulled so will have to do that black too. I have trying to spin them the same size, but the black is turning out thicker - it's corriedale. The grey is corriedale/targhee and I haven't enjoyed spinning it at all - it's like working with drier lint. I bought both fleeces at Black Sheep, many years ago.
I have a problem before I can begin weaving - the state of my studio! Someone needs to clean it up!!
Today is D-day, as in doctor. I'm picking up my MRI films this afternoon for an appointment with my orthopod to see what the future will be for my shoulder. If it's surgery, I'd like it done before the end of the year. I met all my deductibles in January with my foot surgery and don't want to pay them again. I can't afford my body!!


Lee said...

Huh, that looks an awful lot like my weaving room -- yarn, books, and various other...stuff.

Good luck at the doctor!

Leigh said...

Someone need to clean your weaving room *giggle* I'll loan you the same little elf who cleaned up mine yesterday. At least I can get to my loom now.

I hope the doctor's consultation goes well!

Marie said...

Two looms? You have a nice assortment of can come here to live if you don't have enough room.
Good luck at the doctors!

Jodi said...

Good luck at the doctor's!

That blanket is going to be gorgeous.

I love looking at the wide open spaces in your photos -- completely the opposite of Chicago.