Friday, March 14, 2008

Yet more

Does this winter never stop?! I notice the grasses are beginning to green. How pathetic is this- I'm planning to catch shots of our grass. No bulbs are sprouting here. Some kind of munchie has caught the attention of the cotton tails. Every night this week I've scared them off when I drive into the yard.
The storm appears to be passing but we're going to have weather all weekend according to NOAA. I wish they would lie. We were in town today and had lunch with DS2. His portfolio has been accepted by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I sent him some shots of his ceramics we have and he ended up sending all the samples that he was allowed. They said it was one of the most diverse portfolios they have received. It kinda takes the sting out of winter.

I finished a sweater this morning and wore it to town today. I am so taken by Matty's acceptance that I can't bring myself to tout my own work today - tomorrow.


Valerie said...

Congratulations to your DS2!! I'm originally from the Pgh.area. My nephew is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pgh. and does very well as a corporate graphics designer in Md.
Pittsburgh can be a great city. Both dh and I are graduates of the University of Pittsburgh and have fond memories of our time there.
You'll have to go visit him while he's there.

woolydaisy said...

i'm constantly amazed at how beautiful it is wear you live-and how you capture it on camera.

yea for ds2-does that mean second son? sorry-i never know what those darn abbreviations are.

Michelle said...

How exciting about your DS2! As an artist of sorts myself, that is SO impressive. And your sweater is admirable as well.

Laura said...

Awesome for Matt - Please tell him hi for me - I won't make it to your gathering this year...

I'm getting pretty tired of the rain, myself - I've had 57.5 inches since November 1, and 8" of snow that didn't register in the rain gauge.