Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finished Object

I finally finished something. This is Blue Sky cotton and I bought it from Amy to knit two baby sweaters. It wasn't what I wanted after all, the baby sweaters were knit from Knit Picks cotton and have long since been gifted. After I got over buyer's remorse, I decided to buy another skein and make a jeans sweater. The extra skein was enough for the sweater but not enough for the neck ribbing, so I bought yet another very expensive skein. I woke up Friday morning and surprised myself by realizing that I did have enough to make one row of single crochet. I think it worked out perfectly. I made the pattern up on Sweater Wizard.

This is my leftover yarn. I could have crocheted another round, had I been so inclined. But I wanted to wear it to town and I only had time for one round. I returned the extra skein, showed off my sweater and now have store credit at Jimmy Beans. It's already burning a hole in my pocket.

I dropped an ice cube on the kitchen floor today, so I tossed it in the pets' water bowl, as much for my amusement as for Charlie's. He was lounging on the counter and was overtaken by curiosity, as I suspected he would be.

He batted it around a couple times, and then was done. His amuse-
ment was over, but mine continues.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Nice Sweater!!! And I bet it's comfy! See - you do make sweaters you wear!

Lee said...

Heh. We can't put ice cubes in the water dish -- our cat, Simon, finds them so amusing we end up with water all over the kitchen.

Lovely sweater indeed -- I've stroked that cotton, but haven't succumbed to it's wiles. Yet.

Robin said...

Love the sweater --- looks very comfortable! When my aunt and uncle wanted to get their cat, Muffin, to come they would toss some ice cubes into the bath tub. He would play with those ice cubes all over that tub - had just the best time!!!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful sweater! Matches your color nicely.

Birdsong said...

What a great sweater! I have been eyeing some similar yarn and thinking it would be nice to do the EPS system-sweater with... don't you look grand, though your hair keeps getting shorter:)