Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eco Arnie

This is Todd, our Tech, with Eco Arnie. You see, our library director, Arnie Maurins, was named one of the ten most watchable men in Reno. When our administrative office acquired a new book truck, the administrative staff decided that the library to receive it needed to send in a replica of the 10th most watchable man in Reno. An Arnie contest was spawned.
Please to notice the details of most humble public servant - ID badge, geek eye glasses, newspaper head and Oscar de la Renta tie. And not to miss rolled up magazine limbs and book-end feet. All and all, a spectacular efford by our staff. This picture is my only participation.

I called my dentist Tuesday morning because a month-old toothache had kept me awake all night. She decided I should come right in, so I called work to say I was starting my work day at the dentists but would be in after that. She took x-rays and decided I needed to see an endodontist - #3 tooth needed a root canal and she didn't know what was going on with #2. So I called work to say that I would be right after my endodontist appointment. I went to lunch at a nearby Chinese. Daughter Chris says it was my last meal. The endodontist said I had a couple of things going on - #3 needed a root canal, but number two was a "failed tooth" and needed to come out. So I called work to say - I won't be in today. I got all dressed up to see dentists and have my tooth pulled.

I went home without tooth #2. It's part of our venacular to talk about pulling teeth, but I've never had a tooth pulled before. One, it takes a lot of tugging to get it pulled out and it's not as simple as the phrase makes it sound. I was absolutely fascinated by my poor failed tooth. I asked to see it and now I wish I would have kept it. My body had absorbed one root. He said I probably could go back to work, and BTW, did I want an Rx for pain. I said yes, since it was hurting at the moment. I'm not sure what his pain experience is, but I was thankful to have the Percocet, because I work up every four hours, just in time to take the next pill.

It's done and I'm on the road to healed, but I missed all of the creative fun that went into Eco Arnie. There is an explanatory note pinned to his dress shirt. It ends by saying that if nothing else, he is recyclable and if needed, he can be burned for heat next winter. Say it won't be Eco-Arnie!!


Valerie said...

ouch! so sorry for your pain! Eco Arnie is a hoot! And very well thought out too.

sending wishes for quick healing and relief from pain.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I hate dentists, not personally, just profesionally :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Same here, Becky!

bspinner said...

Hope your feeling better!!! No fun going to the dentist! But thank goodness they're around when we need them.
Eco Arnie is great. Someone sure does have a wonderful imagination.

Minya said...

Ok, the phrase, "Failed Tooth" just gave me the willies. UGH!