Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Keep Chickens

You probably don't know this about me, but I keep chickens in our bathroom. As this affliction, I mean collection, has grown, so has the need to find places for them. I was terribly afraid of chickens when I growing up. I went to collect the eggs when I was about five, and my father's rooster was waiting for me inside the hutch. I stepped inside and he flew at me from above, where he had apparently been waiting. He became stew.

About five years later, I went out to collect the eggs and ran afoul (pun intended) of another rotten rooster. My 70-year-old grandmother came out of the house and beat that bird off of me wth a broom. More stew.

I didn't set out to collect chickens, but they really are pretty and I loved watching them running free at my brother's house. One collected chicken became a whole flock before I knew it.
Ian started hanging my fair ribbons in with the chickens. More irony, I'm thinking, since my chances of a chicken ribbon are nonexistent.

Recently I was at a neighbor's house for an association committee meeting. Afterwards she brought out her clown parrot, Kisgus, whom everyone enjoyed and now it was my turn to put out a finger. I realized I wasn't ready and told her so. Poor Kisgus kept bobbing his head and saying, "Come here to me." I'm working up to it, Kisgus. It's nothing personal.
This is the latest chicken. Amy found it at the UNR bookstore, and at the rate I'm getting dishtowels finished, this may well be worn out. It's handwoven in India and makes me appreciate those indigenous weavers. My new hen has plenty of company here. It's all chicken scratch.


vlb5757 said...

That is so ironic that were attacted by chickens and then started collecting them. I was attacted by food and started collecting food pitchers and tea pots. Wow! It's so cool to know how other collections get started. Great stories.

bspinner said...

Funny how collections get started especially since this one started with not so great memories.

Lee said...

Roosters are very mean. I refuse to go into our chicken coop.

My step-mother's sister had a scary run in with a cow when she was very young and has been afraid of them ever since. Her siblings, being possessed of rather twisted senses of humor, started a cow collection for her. After several years of cow stuff she made them cut it out. She didn't find it funny at all.

Wool Enough said...

I know what you mean. I feel the same way about geese. They can get suddenly temperamental and come after you for no apparent reason. And a nip from a bird beak, whether large or small, is no fun.

MiniKat said...

Roosters are evil. Never met a nice one. Hens, however, can be very sweet. Eventually we'll have a few.

Robin said...

My favorite is the towel! My grandmother and great aunt used to collect chicken stuff. My father collects pigs.

Leigh said...

I really liked seeing your chicken collection. I have a sheep collection and a bunny collection, though I admit I'm not avid about this hobby. Chicken collecting does seem to be popular though. I used to visit a church where I met a lady who collected chicken stuff. But I still like my sheep and bunnies.