Friday, February 06, 2009

Walking the Dogs

I took the dogs on a walk this morning. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes when I say that. First of all, this is my day off and they will not let me sleep past 7:00. Five minutes after seven has a dog on my chest and another one slurping at my face. I must take them for a walk or they will make my life miserable.

I am at the half way point and I think it's time to turn around and go back. Clearly, it appears we are going get some kind of weather. I'm freezing and there's spitting snow.
Uncle! We have passed our turn around point. The peculiar fence you see is an enclosure for wolves. These folks live a half mile from our house - one would not want to be any closer. In the summer with open windows, we can hear their howling wolves.

I find it interesting that when I drive by here at night, this is the spot where all the rabbits jump into the road, trying to commit suicide in front of my car. I assume that coyotes keep their distance from the wolves and this area - that's why there so many rabbits. I also see a lot of white owls here at night. Mere speculation~


Mim said...

Nice walk, do you see the wolves as you go by?

Beryl Moody said...

Isn't it lucky your dogs are looking out for your health:-) And, aren't they great alarm clocks?

bspinner said...

Great pictures! Why would anyone want to keep wolves?

MiniKat said...

Break-taking views. Wolves next door? Truly?

Wool Enough said...

Your neighbors keep wolves? Fenced in? Why? Breeding to return them to the wild perhaps? I thought wolves could never ever be domesticated.