Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eugene Oregon

We are in Eugene and have taken our laptops to the public library for a couple hours this afternoon. We are limited to one hour of WiFi so this will be quick. This evening, we're having dinner with library friends who retired here from Reno. I think I'm a bit like - you can take the girl from the country, but you can't take the country from the girl.

Don't think I missed a photo of the Deschutes Public Library in Bend - here it is right here. I might have retired from the library, but the library is still in me.
We are camped at Richard-
son Park, and I absolutely love how our tent nestles under the cedar trees. No mosquitoes for us. We had reservations for the new county campground, but when we got there, discovered they had neglected to mention on the website that there are no showers - yet to be constructed. They switched our reservations over to Richardson, where we have stayed before and are staying again!
We are sur-
rounded by birds, fall asleep to them, wake up to them. It's wonderful and just what I expect from vacation camping. I looked up from my book to this robin hopping around our campsite, successfully nabbing worms. The ground is wet from the rain showers, so I get to watch his strange hopping, stopping and then nose into the grass, back up with a worm, head toss - and down the hatch. Good entertainment - keeping me from my book.
I take full respon-
sibility for the unsummer this year. I bit the bullet and purchased expensive dark glasses. I've never done it before, always gotten by on drug store dark glasses. Do you know that ever since I bought these last month, I have not needed to use them!

Black Sheep starts tomorrow morning and I cannot wait to meet my blog friends in the flesh, many for the first time - wow!


Life Looms Large said...

Those look like nice big libraries! (I live in a tiny town with a tiny library! I actually buy a library card every year at another bigger library to satisfy my love of books.)

Your camp site looks great!

I like your idea of capturing the colors of June while you travel! Gives you another way to see and photograph Oregon!

Have fun at Black Sheep!!


evelynoldroyd said...

Looking forward to the posts from Black Sheep! The library pictures reminded me of an e-book waiting to be signed out.

Nina said...

take some photos and lots of notes at Black Sheep for those of us who can only dream about going! Please... :)

Robin said...

I passed the library in Columbus, OH yesterday. It was huge! Love your pictures in this and the last post - especially the one where you are looking through the tunnel. Can't wait for Black Sheep photos.

bspinner said...

My first cousin lives in Eugene.

Have a great time at Black Sheep!! We're all waiting for your posts about it.