Monday, June 28, 2010

Thunderstorm in June

I made a quick trip across the valley this morning to Mim's for eggs. I called to see if she was home and Bob said she was shopping, but that he'd be glad to sell me eggs. The clouds had just started forming as I left the house.
I wouldn't have given them a second thought, but right after breakfast, Eddie began hiding behind the toilet. That means there's going to be some electrical activity. Thunderstorms weren't in the NOAA forecast, just Eddie's.
I almost drove by these wild-
flowers on the road bank, thinking they were just weeds. I've never seen them before and can't identify them in my Wildflowers of the Eastern Sierra book.
It was quite showy, once I got out of the car and looked more closely. I think it looks like a flower from a Victorian magazine, kinda lacy and sweet.
The wildflower cycle is seriously disrupted with the coolness this year so I was happy to see one my favorites, Prickly Poppy. Their end of the valley is high but also has a more shallow water table.
Breaking yet again and sprinting from the car in my rubber flip-flops - I just have to get a picture of this field of Yampah. It's delicate like Queen Annes lace and is so pastoral. Well, yeah. It is a pasture.
I took so much time getting photos that the storm almost beat me home. The squall was upon us in no time, so I decided to knit on the front porch and enjoy the sounds and smells that some with huge raindrops of a summer storm. The songbirds and crickets sang along. I'm knitting with the silk that I plied with brown Merino. It reminds me of M & Ms.

After the thunder and lightening had passed and the wind died down, I realized I could see a reflection of the storm in the still waters of our garden fountain.


Marion B. said...

The 'victorian' flowers are beautiful indeed. The pictures are wonderful. We could use such a storm here too. In my part of the world we talk about the weather a lot. And we say it is 'hollen of stilstaan' which means something like 'all or nothing' We have had some summers with rain every day and now we haven't had rain at all for a while. But he, it gives us something to talk about exept the world championship soccer :>)

Theresa said...

Wonderful pictures. No thunderboomers here yet, although they try to form daily. Great fountain shot. Poor Eddie, give him a pat. Dennett likes sleeping by the loo also, it's cool and quiet in summer and warm in winter next to the radiator.

Valerie said...

Pretty day!! We've had a lot of t'storms this year. The most recent round accompanied by tornado warnings. Not the kind of weather one can sit on the porch and enjoy.

Annie said...

It's Marion's fault: she was asking for a shower and this noon it suddenly rained and rained here! Gone is our lovely dry and hot weather. It gives me an opportunity to get up to date with all the blogs that were written while I was away. I loved to read about your dog hiding away from the storm. Ours used to do that.

Janet said...

Your blog and a flash of lightening and thunder that we had two nights ago reminded me of that possible hazard for those 90+ cyclists doing the Cascade 1200 to the north of you. This is their final day. Holding my breath for successful finishes for all.

Anonymous said...

I like your inhouse weather forecaster! The flowers are so interesting. Such a beautiful area.

margene said...

Our puppies do not like thunder (or fireworks). You captured a lovely moment in your fountain.

Benita said...

That brown merino/silk is lovely!! I love the way it is knitting up.

We used to pay attention to Neil when storms were approaching. If he continued to stay out of his room, we knew we were okay. But if he hid under the blankets on the bed, we knew to get the storm closet (under the stairs) ready.

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful wildflowers. It's surprising to see something so delicate in such a harsh environment.

Love your in-house weather forecaster! I've heard of dogs hiding in the bathroom during storms, but I've never seen pictures of it. I think I read that it somehow dissipates excess electrical energy that they're feeling on their skin or something.

My dogs have always refused to do anything so useful!!

Knitting on the porch during a storm is a wonderful image. Usually I kind of hide too! I'm a weather wimp!


PS: I am delighted that you noticed that my strawberry shortcake picture was meant to evoke the 4th of July! I'm in a local photographer's group, and our July challenge is "4th of July" so when we were eating shortcake, I had Jim plate his up as patriotically as he could. Good thing it was our last shortcake!

Leigh said...

I love a summer storm. We could sure use one ourselves.