Saturday, June 12, 2010

Loving Bend

I wanted to finish spinning up the merino before we left home. I have some fiber to spin in Oregon and I'm sure I'll buy more at Black Sheep. I'm looking at slip-stitch patterns because I think it will show up the silk and merino and still stretch this into a vest or bolero. l but didn't have time to swatch - bummer.

I knitted on my second Walk-for-the-Cure scarf during the drive to Bend. I just kept knitting one more pattern because I had so much yarn, and it really didn't seem to getting long enough. I finished it before we got here so washed it and put in the lawn to dry. It's 90" long!!

In spite of being so long, it sure is pretty. DIL Missy was so taken by it that we went to the yarn store and she has started on one of her own in bamboo. Knitting diagonal wash clothes has taught her all the stitches she needs to know. She is off and running. I will post a picture later.

The night we got here was coincidentally Young Author's Night for grandson Logan and we got to attend. I love the boys' school and getting to see Logan with his friends just six months after moving here was a real treat.
The following morning we went back to the school for Evan's kindergarten graduation, which was really more of a program followed by a slide show the teacher had prepared. I don't know those children and found myself with leaky eyes anyway, watching that little show.

Son Josh, DIL Missy and grandson Evan after kindergarten graduation!


Theresa said...

Beautiful scarf, handsome yarn and a lovely family!
Glad you are enjoying Bend, hope they like it a lot too!
Tell them the weather usually isn't half so crummy for spring.

Annie said...

Nice pictures of scarf and lovely grandchildren. Isn't it fun to visit the far away family! So that's what we'll be doing next week, too!

Jody said...

Such a lovely looking family you have :-)
Your hand spun is gorgeous as usual.

Life Looms Large said...

So much goodness in one post: family, fiber, finished project!!