Sunday, January 09, 2011


I love being reminded that I live in an environ-
ment where personal touches still matter. Each Christmas Ian tips our trash collection guys and Jan, our mail lady. They deal with some nasty weather. When Ian collected the mail, he also collected this bag off cookies and note from Jan, expressing her appreciation. Sweet!
Another personal touch - we bought a new dog bed at Costco because those circular beds take up so much space. No one wanted to touch it and they did a musical chairs of the two acceptable beds. I think the problem has been resolved. I just realized as I loaded this picture that there is a huge dust bunny under that chest. There's a whole family of them and when summer comes and we open the windows, they all meet up along the baseboards on the east side of the house.
We're babysitting Alexia this weekend so her parents can attend the college football bowl game in San Francisco with University of Nevada Reno and Boston College. I bought her some variegated yarn so we try knitting again. But before we did, I found some videos on YouTube to watch.

This video was immensely helpful. Guided by this young lady's instructions, we went "in, round, through and out of town." It was our mantra. It's a great video for teaching youngsters, taught by a youngster.
Alexia is very excited by her work and I realize I didn't take a later photo. She knitted nearly 4" today and can work semi-independently. She had quite the agenda: knit, weave, spin and bake cookies.
The looper loom won my nod since it's another sofa activity. She's close to having a potholder, and we'll finish that tomorrow. Tomorrow is also cookies. I put her to bed, she closed her eyes and she was out. Oh how I wish.


Theresa said...

I share your dust bunny lament. I swear it's like the Nutcracker suite around here every night. They get up and dance their hearts out until they reach the hall baseboards or under the dining chairs. I have a chest just like that! Glad to see every one has a bed that is just right.

Valerie said...

Sounds like cozy times up there in the high desert. Fiber and cookies are the best January pursuits.

Re: dust bunnies...many years after God reminded us that "unto dust we shall return", He gave us the roomba! An automatic dust return!

I don't have one, but have been sorely tempted when I walk by them at Costco.

Michelle said...

I'll have to show that video to Brian to see if it inspires him to finish his garter stitch scarf!

Anonymous said...

I am going to bookmark that video - my granddaughter isn't quite old enough for knitting yet.

Nina said...

Weaving, spinning, knitting and cookies... could there be any better way to spend a wintery weekend? What fun!
The pups look cozy and comfy!

Leigh said...

Sharon, you're not supposed to draw attention to your pet dust bunnies, lol.

Way to go Alexia! It's so wonderful to be passing these skills on to a new generation.

Robin said...

The girls are so serious. Great ages to be learning to knit and weave.