Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing to Knit!

Yesterday morning we got an inch of snow.

This morning and sunshine. Welcome to a normal weather pattern in the high desert Sierra rain shadow. This is way we like our precipitation delivered. It sits where it falls and seeps into the ground with no run-off. It's much easier to live with than rain.
So the vest is completed and blocked, but I need to reblock is before I show it off. The bolero is also finished and assembled but the bands are knitted separately and then sewn on. Which means I need another knitting project. This is the next sweater on my list, but when I went to cast on the other night something was wrong. I don't know what I was thinking when I knitted the swatch for this sweater, but it couldn't have been this sweater.
I dug through patterns for quite a while yesterday and finally decided that this was the candidate. It looks like something knitted with handspun. I've seen the other style on a store hanger. The only hang-up is that I don't have the contrast yarn spun yet.
I think this light gray merino will look nice with the white. It's a 19 micron hogget fleece and what's in that bag is all that I have left but I'm sure it's enough to provide the yarn I need.
But the problem remains. I have nothing to knit! I have this cone of Bartlet sport-weight yarn that I had purchased about 20 years ago when Diane Soucy worked in the wool room at the Truckee Variety Store. I spent a lot of time looking on Ravelry and chose this pattern which I got on needles last night.

It's pretty easy going so far. I think the lace will be more fun, but it is also fun to see so much done in such a short time. I've decided to use the three buttons I cut off off a Goodwill vest. The sweater was beyond help so I bought it for the buttons. If I'm stash busting, it just makes sense to the use these buttons. Hope they will work!


Michelle said...

I have GOT to cast on something before we go to a church family snow camp this weekend! I will go stark raving mad if I don't have something to keep my hands occupied. I've contemplated the February Lady Sweater often, and just can't decide if it would look good on me....

Benita said...

Well, that didn't last long. Knitting abhors bare needles.

It seems a lot of us are in the same boat. I finished up the last hat and pair of socks last week, reveled in being nearly caught up (one project), then immediately cast on a pair of gloves for Scott.

It was either that or have a panic attack. :)

m said...

Those buttons will look brilliant on the sweater. That looks like a fast, fun knit.

Judy said...

I like the sweater/jacket pattern that you've chosen. That looks like it would be great to wear. I'm looking forward to seeing it as you work on it. You must be one fast knitter!!

Send some of the snow our way, would you? Our ski area needs snow badly.

Enjoy your week.

bspinner said...

Nothing worst then nothing on your knitting needles. Almost like being naked.