Thursday, October 11, 2012


These are the cones that I selected for my neutral colorway.  It's was an order but I decided to weave it once for the craft fair and then weave it again to fill the Christmas order.
It was an adjustment for me, working with such subtle colors, but after a while I found myself getting into it.  After all, mixing and building color is interesting.
I pulled the warp off the loom this afternoon.  There are some really pretty color combinations.  I've been weaving 3-4 hours a day to get this done.  It would be really embarrassing to show up at a craft fair and have no craft!  That pink roll in the background is my yoga mat and that's what makes it all work.  At some point I take a yoga break and let my back stretch and relax.
I've been pushing so hard these past couple of weeks that I hadn't come up with a new color combination to start warping today.  The first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was that I really needed some inspiration. I phished though Google images while I sipped my coffee, trying to think of something that would have a palette I could fill from my cones, and then I thought of Country Gardens.
So this is my Country Garden palette.  I started winding the warp while the hemmed towels washed and dried.  I still had to iron them to wet finish, but I'm cheating a little as they still slightly damp and under a stack of books.  I'm not sure what to think of my warp chains because right now they look like the colors from a roll of tropical lifesavers.  Ian says he has faith in me, that I'll be able to pull it together. 
The weather, she is a'changin'.  We've been overcast for the past couple of days and today was first day since summer that it was too cool to weave with the window open in my studio.  Even with it closed, I still get beautiful light and a fantastic vista. 

We were going to drive up to our favorite restaurant in Beckwourth tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, but I told Ian tonight that I'll take a rain check. until after the craft fair when I can breathe and feel celebratory.  This is the BIG one and I'm celebrating that I still can weave 3-4 hours a day.  That's a gift in and of itself.


Marion B. said...

First I wanted to comment; when do you sleep?
But reading on I think you are right. Being able to weave is a gift in and of itself.

Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

For more insperation I like to check out the daily Bing photos. Bing's a search engine like google but with a different picture every day.

Cindie said...

The subtle colors are beautiful and the new warp is very fun - you have been busy.

Happy Birthday!!!

Kathy said...

The towels I'm working on are extremely subtle and will be a challenge, but I also know that sometimes that sublety can be as charming as something bright...if only I can get the light just right and actually see what I'm doing. LOL!

Tina T-P said...

Happy Birdday too Ewe! I love how you take a photograph and pull out all the colors for inspiration. They are going to be very pretty! T.

Nina said...

My goodness.. those are all beautiful colours despite the differences. Your scenery and sunsets are inspiring in themselves. Happy Birthday!