Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celebration of Family Wedding

Matt's wedding was wonderful and I am so happy to finally get to call Julia my daughter-in-law.  This beautiful setting is his brother's yard. Josh and Missy have worked all year to make the setting perfect.  Josh and Matt brewed for months to have kegs of beer ready.  Matt is wearing the beer holster he gave to his groomsmen, a symbolic gesture since beer was in kegs.
My photos are all stolen from Facebook.  I took DSLR photos of the rehearsal but left photography to others on this day.  This is of the newlyweds with Matt's sister's family, and yes my granddaughter Alexia is the girl in the blue hair.
And here we are with my son's family - the wedding was in their yard.  It was a wedding with a giant family reunion attached.  Three of Ian's kids made it along with many many long time friends.  Ian and I can't have a Gathering this year because we're moving but this was a credible substitute.   We ate out a lot - party of 17 or party of 23.  And our family just got bigger.

We met our realtor before the wedding, and since he's their personal friend, visited with him after the ceremony.  We've worked with him through an online tool for the past month and so visited two houses we had narrowed our choices down to.  One photographed well and left us bewildered.  The other was close but not quite. Bend has a restriction on development so newer houses are built on .1 acre parcels.  There are a lot of attractive houses on the market but we're not ready to downsize from 11 acres to .1 acre.

We were getting ready to leave when we decided to take a look at an "odd" property and that's the one we ended up placing an offer on.  So here we are, an offer on our house pending the sale of our buyer's house and an offer on a Bend house pending the sale of ours.  We built this house.  I'm new to the sell and buy thing and I'm stressed.

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