Monday, July 27, 2015

Moving On

After all the craziness surrounding the wedding and our frenzied house hunting, Ian and I decided we really needed a dose of the coast and left Thursday morning for Bandon, which is where Cindie and her husband have been working on a beach house.  We almost connected but when she arrived I was melting into bed.  There is great therapeutic value in beach air and the sound of gulls and waves.  This is the view from out window at the Bandon Beach Motel, a wonderfully maintained property from the 50s.  We slept with the windows open and were lulled to sleep by the natural soundtrack.  
 We took advantage of being right on the harbor and had fresh fish for dinner both evenings.
I walked from our motel down the beach to the South Jetty and the mechanical lighthouse which replaces the classic one, now maintained and managed by volunteers.
We drove down to the South Jetty the next morning and I couldn't resist this sign.
We were graced with beautiful weather but the signs make you know that you need to be on your toes.  If you click for big you'll see the traditional lighthouse on the North Jetty, between the signs.
I couldn't resist this photo.
I finished up these towels after I got home so I could take them to the farmers market.
Sales were modest but I always enjoy these events.  It is becoming more and more a place where people come to visit, and I'm fine with that.  It's only four hours and I enjoy it as much as anybody.  Stephanie, the egg lady, brings her pet goat, a three-month old LaMancha. 
He keeps us all entertained by his inquisitiveness.
His well-earned name is Nibbles/
For reasons known only to a goat, after he had exhausted all areas of interest and nibbled on just about everything, he chose the fire pit to curl up in and was soon asleep.  It's a fun diversion twice a month and any sales are a bonus.

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Jodi said...

Sharon, I'm so excited for you with all your upcoming changes. So exciting! Congrats on selling your beautiful home, and best wishes with your new life in Bend. I'm sure you'll miss these farmers market days, though -- looks like fun.