Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Being flexible

I made a screen shot from the conversation I had with my granddaughter yesterday.  I know my daughter is worried too.  She texted me several days ago to say that Ian and I are her favorite old people, wanting us to reassure her that we're staying home and washing our hands a lot.  Today ends my first week of self-quarantine but Ian has gone out for groceries on several occasions.

Adjustments and accommodations are continually developing. Sunday was a unique experience as I attended church, live streaming on my phone, from the comfort of my living room wearing my pajamas.  There has been a ground swell of volunteers offering assistance to the homebound, to pick up prescriptions or groceries.  The items I've been weaving would have been for sale at Fiber Market Day the last Saturday of this month but it's now rescheduled for June.  Everything but grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants offering take-out of delivery are closed.  Our local yarn shop is converting her inventory to on-line sales for shipping or pick-up.  The local economy is being hit hard.  Oregon reported 18 more cases today, bringing the total up to 65.

It was an utter joy to awaken to sunshine this morning. The past several days have been gloomy and gray with 5" of much-needed snow.  However, the ski resorts can't enjoy it as they are closed for the rest of this month.  I'm surprised at how uncomplainingly compliant people are.  Melissa told me that the police were called out to her Costco in Santa Clarita because customers had turned violent and combative.  Ian went to our Costco yesterday and remarked how nice everyone was each other, but there's still no toilet paper on the shelves.

We had a couple of warm days last week and Delaney and took our first stroll of 2020 on Thursday.  This is her movie star look.  She'll be 1 in a couple of weeks and her Reno family was planning to drive up for the celebration.  I haven't heard of any change of plans but her other grandmother has an underlying medical condition so I think this also will be postponed.  I realized that our book club is going to have to reschedule too.  One day at a time.

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