Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Weekend

This is what I'm working with. I blogged earlier about George's affinity for the llamas. This VM is their doing. It's because he hangs out with them when they're eating. Their curiosity makes them messy eaters. They take a bite and then in raising their heads up high to check around, they strew hay all over George and each other.
Mim's advice to me was to do a pre-soak of the fleece before washing it to reduce the amount of lanolin and junk going into the septic. I put about two ounces into four net bags and soaked in superhot water in a five-gallon paint bucket. Great suggestion - it came out much nicer after the machine wash. The fleece is a pain to pick through, but it's going to be a nice color for my lap blanket.

I raced out to check on the progress and this is what I found in the garage. Ian and the boys are headed off the collect the mail. I just didn't expect to see them in the garage!

Ian took this picture because I'm plying with three dogs - a three-dog morning. Our dogs are both under the bench behind me and Sammy, the affectionate, needy neighbor's black lab, is under the table in front of me. I'm waiting for Amy. We're giving a program at the library tomorrow, announced in the library Calendar of Events as "From Sheep to Shawl." Now we need to plan it.

We ended up on the front deck all afternoon. Ian made us a nice lunch and after the planning was done, we practiced for the program by spinning and knitting and visiting and watching the birds which kept us songful company.

Charlie would have to have a songbird of his very own.

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Birdsong said...

It sure looks inviting out on your deck!