Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Sky Country

I can't believe what a beautiful day the last day of February has been. I took the dogs for a ride to see how much how snow melt is in Long Valley Creek in California; it's only five miles from here. The dogs don't care - I do. I got sidetracked on the back road to our house. It truly is a big sky.

My poor doggies don't under-
stand why I'd stop the car and jump out, camera in hand. I think they like rural ride-alongs with Ian better because he doesn't stop and jump out - it's worrisome for the doggies.

Neighbor Mim called to say, ""The Sheep Shearer Cometh." Devon will be here Sunday and we'll have yet four more Shetland fleeces. Buster, our cow dog boy, is assuring that all will be well on his watch. I worry about the costs of hay.

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margene said...

You did have a beautiful end to February. It wasn't quite true here, but March started out in an amazing way!!