Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloggings with Charlie

I absolutely love the change that comes over the mixture of flour and water after ten minutes of kneading. I don't remember when my fascination with bread began. My kids were just babies when we lived in the Philippines and I remember putting the bowl on the back steps to rise in the heat because I thought our air-conditioned house was too cool. When I went to check on it after 45 minutes, the dough had risen out of the bowl and was running down the steps, like it was trying to escape. I knead on this construction site, counter cutout - it's perfect for bread and pies too.

I am so happy to finally have three glass pans, since my recipe makes three loaves. The middle one is my only surviving pan, the right I just purchased but it's no longer a stock item, and the left antique pan is on the I traded Mim for that had belonged to someone in her family. When Kathy said, "Who needs bread?" - Mim has decided she does and is going to trade me bread for fiber. It's just a different kind of fiber - hah! BTW, if you haven't read Kathy's crow story - do so now.

Five of the six hats that I sent to the Brewery Arts Center have sold and my project emphasis is to replace them. These two are the same hat but I've reversed the yarn. I have completed a third hat but I'm not liking it so much so no picture. I'm happy to have more choices after my dye day frenzy last weekend and hope to have another box in the mail soon. Who knows - I've been wanting a guitar. Too bad I can't work a hats-for-guitar trade.

Yesterday was one of the richer holiday days I can remember. I finished my book on the back deck, even though the thermometer registered 52 degrees. Chrissie came out with Kiernan and Alexia late in the afternoon, but just in time for the bread to come out of the oven, so we ate a loaf. Now I have to wait another week to start my fiber trade. My plans were to wind a warp in the afternoon, but I love the plans, just as they came to pass.

Bloggings with Charlie - an obvious bad pun on John Steinbeck's book, but I think you know who's sharing my lap with my computer.....


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Wasn't it gorgeous yesterday? It got to 54 here, but I was stuck in my office :(
Course if I'd have been home I would have been spinning in my living room anyway lol
Still hoping to come the end of the month, save some bread for me! :)

Leigh said...

I love the hats! I'm not surprised they're selling well.

Catzee said...

Charlie stays in yur lap when ya blog? I keep tryin' to get Mom's attention by walkin' across the keyboard, but her gets mad.

Kathy said...

What a nice post! Our beautiful weather has tuned into snow again...2 inches in the last hour with 4 more by morning. :( BUT, I noticed the birds are singing different songs, or were...I hope that means spring could actually be around the corner.