Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day at Home

When I got back from my walk this morning, the free range cattle had moseyed up to almost our fence and Zephie was keeping a close eye on this on this odd group of square creatures.

Huh? What are they and what happened to their necks??!!!

Three years ago I bought three Rocky Mountain Penstemon plants from High County Gardens out of New Mexico. It's rated browse resistant to rabbits - yippee. I'm glad something is. I do believe it is a *wee* bit invasive, not that I mind all that much since anything pretty that wants to grow is fine with me. Once it the blooming is over though, I'm cutting the stalks off to the ground. Until then, the hummingbirds seem to like it.


Robin said...

"What happened to their necks?" Toooo funny!

Leigh said...

What a lovely little shaded area. I love anything that hummingbirds love. Ours seem to be ignoring the nectar feeder we put on the balcony.

Rascal said...

I'm not too sure about that llama looking thingy, but I would certainly like to take a catnap in your shady garden.