Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fixing to Get Ready

Painful as it was, I cut the linen warp from my 22" Mirrix loom when Allison and I got together for our last Tapestry Club. I want to learn cut-pile weaving and I had to take this tapestry exercise off to make room for a new wool warp. I decided to string up my cast-off project onto a heddle and hang it in my studio. I can't relegate it to trash, at least not yet. The yarns were from natural dyes.

These are the skeins that I'm planning on dyeing with indigo. I have five colors and hope to have a nice range of blues when I'm done.
I have these colors from other natural dye baths so hope I'll be able to apply them, along with my new blues to a tapestry or cut-pile weaving. The wools are all various luster long-wools, which I gather aren't ideal for the cut pile, something else I don't know about yet, but I started this collection before my interest in cut-pile.
I'm planning on using these skeins for weft on my yet-to-be-
mined weaving project. Did I mention that I'll start that project tomorrow which is when the retreat starts, and that I'm not packed, I do not have a clear idea about what I'll work on, knit, spin or eat. I can't believe that I left food for last. But - I do have five bottles of red wine. Allison says only five bottles - what *are* you thinking?!

The tradition is that after we have completed our day of fiber challenge and discovery and eaten our evening meal, we remove ourselves to the huge front porch of the magnificent old St. Mary's Hospital in Virginia City, now arts center, to visit, talk about books - it's true - sip red wine and watch the sun set. I've learned why it's called Sun Mountain. I will be doing that tomorrow evening and wish you all an equally lovely evening and rest of the week.


Leigh said...

Sounds lovely. I've dabbled a little with tapestry, but just don't have the patience for it. You've got some nice color collections of yarns to work with. That always helps. ;)

Lee said...

I love your tapestry wall hanging -- I, myself, think it is art, not trash!

This retreat sounds like heaven, but is someone else bringing some wine, too? 5 bottles doesn't seem like nearly enough.

Valerie said...

Have a wonderful time!! Wish I could come too!

Ian said...

I love the tapestry

Amy said...

Very nice!

Robin said...

Can't wait to see your project!!! The yarns are beautiful. I love natural wool colors and also the muted colors of natural dyed wool.