Saturday, September 27, 2008

8th Annual Spinsters Retreat

Two weeks ago today our guild met at the Davis Creek Camp-
ground for our 8th annual Spinsters Retreat. It's the second weekend in September and the weather has been all over the map, from freezing to delightful, which it was this year. We set up our spinning circle under the pines and then chased the shade as the sun moved overhead. This is about a quarter of the circle.

Saturday is the Swap 'n Sale and it starts from time people arrive and goes all day. This year we had five tables, one which is all free stuff. That's where I put the yarns that came with my loom, and I was so pleased when Virva took them because they were perfect for what she was weaving.
Mim does such a good job with her hand-dyed rovings. She was able to sell enough to pay for the seven bales of hay in the back of her truck that we picked up on our way down.
This is the one that came home with me. It's just plain combed top wool, but she also had some bluefaced leicester and some fine merino. I've spun up a couple of greens and I think they'll go nicely with this purple in hats. I sold a couple of hats at the Brewery Arts Center since it reopened, so I need to be thinking about making some more.
It's not just wool that Mim dyes. She does a wonderful job on silk as well. I'm knitting this scarf from a 1.8 ounce bump of silk that I bought from her a while back. Since I don't have much, I'm making it narrow.
I gathered up my stuff for the retreat so I could pack the car the night before. When I pulled out my Lendrum bag, I was stunned to see that it was covered in moth larvae. I have moths again! I went through everything and tossed out the stuff that was most badly infected and scrubbed up my bag. Since the last infestation, I've put most everything in plastic bags and was relieved to see that they were unaffected. Yesterday on my way home from town, I stopped at the grocery store and bought 3 pounds of dry ice. It's in the bottom of this bag and I've placed the remaining infected wools on top where they will stay until next weekend.


Jodi said...

The scarf is looking beautiful -- gorgeous shades of blue and purple.

Too bad about the moth attack. Those darn bugs! Good luck with your eradication technique.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Im having a problem with moths too right now! They seem to be everywhere and I am one of the most unorganized people you may ever meet, so I have wool all over the house. I will see something I havent looked at for awhile pick it up and realize that I have to throw it out because of the moths. Last weekend in Elko, I did a tunisian crochet demo, took a scarf I had made for Derek that has been in a drawer for months; a moth had gotten to it! It is yak and yak/merino blend, and I have to find a way to patch it. I have never had to do that before and am not sure how to go about it. The little bugger only broke through one string, but if not fixed, the whole thing will eventually come undone. Talk about pieved!!! I put some of my wool into the deep freeze, but will not know for awhile if that worked or not, but without getting rid of the rest of them, its just futile.

Wool Enough said...

Sorry to hear about the moths. So scary -- one never knows how bad the situation will turn out to be.

Margene said...

Oh dear! I hope you can get the moths out without any damage to the wools!

wooly daisy said...

hi sharon-looked like a fun retreat-sorry about the moths!! how do you use dry ice for moth removal?

Robin said...

OH, the gathering looks wonderful!!! There's something about spinning outdoors. I keep some of my wool things in the freezer. It was funny! One day I kept smelling this burnt odor every time I opened the freezer door. Finally, I looked at the light in the freezer. There was fleece stuck to the light! The light had melted through the plastic bag and had burnt fiber stuck to it! Mystery solved!