Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Morning after The Gathering

Our Gathering ended this morning after our last guest drove out at 5:45 - our first guest arrived last Friday at noon. This is our annual opportunity to celebrate our family, friends and their dogs but it's just too much for Charlie. We kennel him - look at his little cat condo, complete with window and sleeping platform. We take all our animals to Fantasia because our animals like them, plus it absolutely beats keeping Charlie locked up in our walk-in closet for four days. I drove in to pick him up, but where's Charlie????

I was chatting with the ladies about his carrier and food. He heard my voice, he shot out from under the cat bed where he had been snoozing and looked wildly around for my voice. I'm selfish. It was gratifying. Cats sparingly dole out their demonstrations of attachment and affection.

Unless you are The Master. I came back in the house from the front porch to get a different book. Clearly Charlie is back at home on Ian's nap.


Jodi said...

I hope the gathering went well! Charlie is one good-looking fellow.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Looks like he was ready to go home :)

Leigh said...

Poor Charlie. He sounds like Rascal in that respect. Catzee loves having folks around, Rascal always runs and hides. It is wonderful when they miss you though, isn't it? I hope you had a good time with your houseful.

Tina T-P said...

Charlie IS one fine looking fellow - he looks a little like Neelix did - big orange ball of love.

Bought three Alpaca fleeces today with plans to blend them (well, to have our porcessor blend them) with some of our Shetland. Any recommendations on percentages? T.

Kathy said...

Charlie is one lucky dude, er...cat. :) How nicely he graces Ian's lap.
And what palatial diggs! I wish we had somewhere like that for this mob, but I'm sure the price would eat us out of our house and home.

And I think it's great you put Charlie's well-being first. And who knows? Maybe our pets need some "space" from us once and a while too.