Saturday, October 11, 2008

A FO - Finally!

Yesterday was a day of errands, starting with the lab because they lost the sample from three weeks ago. Earlier this week I had worn short pants and sandal s to work. Nevada weather is so unpredictable. We came out from Costco to this.

We've gotten our first dusting of snow this year and the trees haven't even turned yet. I object. It's supposed to autumn, then winter.
Even the llamas got a dusting of snow and they loved it. It's so cold outside - brrrrr.

As a passenger and then waiting for appoint-
ments, I finally finished the socks I started in June. It's so cold, I'm asking myself why anyone, me in this case, would knit socks with holes. The yarn is Tofufootsies - something like that. The yarn has soy and shellfish and felt kinda creepy and oddly crisp while I was knitting, but washed - ver' soft and niza.
They fit too - that's the best part. This is Gayle's lace ribbing pattern, knit in the round as a 5 stitch pattern.

Row 1: K3, p2
Row 2: K1, yo, ssk, Ps
Row 3: K3, P2
Row 4: K2 tog, yo, K1, P2


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Very nice!

Wool Enough said...

Pretty socks! I love the color.

Margene said...

Very pretty socks. We have snow today, too!

Marie said...

Love the green and the lace! Snow? No, no, no!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

About the fall comment; not in Nevada!
We got snow last night too, but its supposed to get back up into the 70's next week... Nevada weather is nothing if it isnt unpredictable! Well, we know we will have at least two seasons lol

Robin said...

Love the socks! Send that snowy weather my way!! I do hope we have snow this year in southside Virginia. It's been too long.

Leigh said...

Yay for your socks! Lovely green. And can you send a dusting of snow my way?

Mim said...

I love the socks too! What cold? Texas was in the 80's.

Jodi said...

Holy cow, snow already! That llama looks darn cute out in the snow.

I like the socks, too. I haven't tried any lacy sock patterns (except for the Dublin Bay socks, which just have an easy lace panel).