Monday, March 09, 2009

Baby Sweaters

How do animals know that you're going to be taking a trip? That's Solly's sweater there and I am frantically trying to get it finished. We are days from leaving and I'm feeling the pressure. Sammy is feeling the pressure too and she's milking it.

And this is Solomon, in the arms of his adoring Uncle Doug, actually his cousin once removed. This great big cop loves his little itty bitty premature cousin, Ian's grand-godson. I knit the sweater for a 6 month size and it's huge.

Did mention that the sweater is huge? As Michelle holds it open, I realize just how long the arms are and I am chagrined. Baby's little arms only reach to the top of their heads. This is a disaster. It looked good until I washed it and then it just relaxed into another, bigger size. You know what this means don't you. I didn't wash my swatch. I emailed Michelle and asked her send it with her MIL to the wedding and I'd fix it and send it back, but her MIL didn't make it to the wedding after all. I emailed her and said - either throw it through a drier cycle or send it to me so I can shorten those sleeves. I'm really sad - it could have been a cute sweater.

This is the sweater that I knit earlier this year for my niece's baby shower. Our new grand-
niece was born in September but we didn't get to meet her until this trip. All the babies in our family are adorable, did I mention that?

We call Ian "the closer" because he can put any fussy baby to sleep. This is McKay, our new grand-niece. She looks just like her mommy and isn't quite big enough yet for her sweater. She also was no match for her grand-uncle who was able to lull her to sleep in a record five minutes.

I love this picture enough that I will probably have to print and frame it. McKay has just fallen to sleep in the arms of her great-grandmother. This octogenarian woman gave Ian a perfect hair cut, and when we walked over to her place to say goodbye the day we were leaving, had her sewing machine out and was working on a quilt. i want to grow up to be just like her.

Our weather was charmed the entire ten days. I never have had such great atmospheric luck before. Yesterday we stopped south of Susanville to trade drivers so that I could drive on home and Ian would walk down with the dogs from the gate. I was flying on dry roads with the only snow on the mountains. We woke to a blanket of snow and since it never got above freezing today, we said goodnight to the same blanket of snow. Charmed. I tell you, we were charmed.


Robin said...

Love the sweater and such a cute baby. Love the pcitures from your previous post.

Jane said...

Sharon, I just love this post! It is a feel good post that completely cheered me up this morning. :)

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and words on my blog today. You're right -- "It's just not fair."


Carolyn said...

Ohhhhh, poor cute sweater with the long sleeves. And sad-eyed doggie missing you before you leave. You know, even my BUNNIES know a few days in advance that we are going away. This sounds crazy, but I even try to sneak the suitcases to another room to pack, but they still know...

Wool Enough said...

What darling babies! A nice treat for me, as there are no babies in my life right now. Too bad about the loooong sleeved sweater, but, as I'm sure you know, babies grow faster than one could believe. Roll up the cuffs, and soon it will fit.

bspinner said...

Your baby sweaters are absolutely adorable!!

I'm so happy you had such a good time on your vacation!!!

Sure did miss your blogs!!

Birdsong said...

Lovely story and aspirations to live to be in your eighties... now that's the voice I want to hear!

beadlizard said...

Oh, we love "the closer" story! Alden was amazing with DD when she was tiny. She'd grab his beard and he'd rock her for hours.

In our family we always add two to four inches to the sleeve length. The first tailoring adjustment my grandmother taught me when I was young was how to grade the elbow area of a sleeve so it looks pleasing with that extra lentgh...