Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I'm Spinning Now

I'm not spinning anything inter-
esting, but Mim and are talking about a dye day later this Spring with natural dyes, and as they say in the South, I'm fixin' to get ready. The white is Bluefaced Leicester and will be hats. The grey is Lincoln/ Corriedale - odd cross breed I'm thinking.
I absolutely love the sheen of luster-longwools, hence the name. I'll spin a little more of this, then switch to some white Lincoln roving that I had processed last year. The luster longwools are for bags. I really like they way they felt, or don't felt, and as Mim insists I acknowledge, I'm not felting at all - I'm fulling. Guess who is a felter. Since she's a whiz at it, I think she's entitled to take exception.
Speaking of Mim, I bought these two rovings from her this weekend, 4 ounces of Bluefaced Leiceseter at ten bucks each. I think that's the deal of the year, and if you're interested, she's got more just like it at her Etsy store, linked on her blog. I bought them for Shazzy.

As a nonegenarian, Mother taught SD Sharon to knit. She has stayed with it and her skills have improved to the point that she is one of the knitting instructors at the Waldorf school our grandson attends. Last week Shazzy asked me again, "When am I going to get some of your handspun yarn?" I've put it off too long so this is it. I'll ply these two together to get 8 ounces of yarn. That's not much yardage, but maybe she can knit something for Noah? Now I just need to spin it.


bspinner said...

Love the roving you bought. You're right it sure is a good buy. What do you plan on doing with it?

MiniKat said...

The fiber group in this area is thinking of doing a dye day soon too. I suppose I will have to figure out something to take with.

Carolyn said...

I'd like to try longwool someday - the lustrous but soft kind. The binder at the meeting had an interesting sample I'd like to try.

Jody said...

Such beautiful even spinning...lovely yarns.

MRS MJW said...

Lovely spinning. I just love anything yarny and gray.