Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Goldie

I long ago lost interest in this sampler. The warp dates back when my friend Nancy came out and helped me warp from back to front. Since I didn't use an interesting threading, I was limited. So I only put a floating selvage on one side to see what it looks like, with and without. I did tabby, 1/3, 2/2 and 3/1 twill and found that it didn't make much difference in 2/2 or 3/1 but it was horrible without one on 1/3.

I also lashed onto the apron rod. I've always tied on in the past and several people told me that lashing on was the only way to go. I never was able to get a completely even tension, so now I can say that I prefer tying on.

I would have cut the project from the warp and started over except that I just couldn't face warping with those wire heddles. And then the Texsolv heddles that I ordered from Woodland Woolworks came. They've been here a month and I just didn't get to it, that's all.

Today was the day. I found instructions online, no problem. I brought my sheds downstairs and compared them to the computer screen. I couldn't understand the pictures so I went to Google images. I learned today that I've been regularly misspelling this because when I typed in "texolv heddles," the fourth hit was my profile picture from a comment I had made on Sue's blog. Yikes! However, when I spelled it correctly, I found pictures to work by.
Here they are. I think they're beautiful. I was so nervous in the beginning because of all the cautions and warnings in the instructions, but I even got the courage to clip them apart. I did it first as a sample but when I realized that they slide more easily, clipped them all. I only had four sheds to snip. I can't imagine doing this on eight or more. I must have a thousand wire heddles leftover!

I didn't have time to start anything today so decided rather to orange oil the wood. It looks great and is ready to go. Unfortunately, I am not. We babysit this weekend so it needs to fold up and go back in the dormer.

I took the dogs for a walk afterwards and thought about a name for this loom. I think it needs a name. It has a nice history, good action, wide open shed and is just a little worn these days with a couple of pieces missing. Goldie strikes me as the right name. I think I'll call her Goldie.


Kathy said...

Good! :) I loved my Nilus and hated to sell it a few years ago. I even had a flying shuttle on it. Now, I have a Mighty Wolf w/8H and really should use it more.
What I really need is a big house with a different loom in each room. heeheehee
Good luck on the Texsolv heddles. I never could get used to them, but do love my inserted eyes.

Theresa said...

A fine name! She looks great too after her cleaning and installation of new heddles. I have looms with each, flat steel, inserted eye and texsolv. I like the texsolv best really, and they are very kind to your warp.
Have fun babysitting!

beadlizard said...

Definitely like the name and applaud your getting the job done. Weaving will be quieter now!

Life Looms Large said...

Yay for tackling something that got boring for you and getting done with it!!

I prefer tying on too. I can't seem to get even tension when I lash on - even though several bloggers have talked about how they do it. I think lashing on uses less warp though - because sometimes my tied on knots take a lot of yarn.

I guess the upside of getting a used loom and washing all my Texsolv heddles is that at least I didn't have to snip them all apart!! Hope you like your new quieter, lighter harnesses now!!

Goldie does seem like a fitting name for your loom!! Hopefully, after your busy weekend, you'll have her up and running soon!!


bspinner said...

I've been knocking around the idea of getting texsolv heddles too most because it would make weaving so much easier. Can't wait to see what you think of them.

Goldie's a great name. Have fun this weekend.