Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I went to Jimmy Beans today to get the yarns for Alexia's requested Christmas present, the jackalope from the Amigurumi Knits book. Alexia is insistent that this is what she wants for Christmas and she dictated the colors. I wrote them down.

I spotted my friend Allison working in back so went to say hi. She was very excited about the new Tosh yarn they've just started carrying, in about 100 colors ways in lace, sport and worsted weights. I caught the excitement. The three lace weight skeins on the left will all be scarfs and they will be mine. I give them away as fast as I make them, and today I went to town wearing a purchased rayon scarf. I need to warm my own neck!
This is Alexia's Christmas jackalope. She marked about six things in the book and then asked me how many she could have. I reminded her that I only had time to knit one before Christmas and this ugly dude was her final choice. She wants a pink body, blue ears (substitute green), yellow horns and orange feet.
I also suc-
cumbed to a new knitting book, based on this hat pattern. I'm planning to knit a hat with the leftover yarn from the baby blanket. I've got my fingers crossed that I can use this pattern, minus the monkey tail topper. Also - I purchased yet another skein of Noro sock yarn. Because JBW bought all there is in the known supply world, they dropped the price from $13 to $11 and well, I just - well, I have no excuse other than I love the colors.
Perhaps it's the natural colored wools that I've been knitting to get ready for the craft fair that drove me to the colored yarns. Anyway, I've finished another hat. I love them all and will make as many as I can before next weekend.

I meet with a group of ladies that I met through Allison to knit on Wednesday afternoons. Many are beginning knitters so I took my hats and my book of 1,000 patterns to show them how a hat is really just a big sock toe. One of the ladies bought a hat! That wasn't a turn I expected from my "demonstration" but very cool. We only meet for two hours and the time flies.

I cannot begin to tell you much I enjoy these women. All the years I worked, I didn't have time to develop friendships, and suddenly friendships have landed in my lap. We're all a little long in the tooth so we enjoyed talking about Nora Ephron's new book. We spontaneously decided to do a gift swap next week. These are things that I've read about other people doing. From nowhere, out of the blue, I've received this gift of wise, warm and well-read women. Retirement? I recommend it.


Maggie said...

Women friends are great! I also had relatively few until the last few years, and it's wonderful. I love the way a steady diet of natural colors will bring out the lime green and hot pink in yarn buying!

Hilary said...

Ain't it the truth.....I have met more lovely people and made more friends in the last 6 years at the studio than I did in all the years I worked as a nurse.
I concur. Retirement is a beautiful thing, even if you are working at what you love.

Theresa said...

Oh man, I want a Jack-a-lope too! Very cute and he should be quite wond-colorful! All the yarn is beautiful and those scarves for you will be lovely.
Sounds like a lovely group. Have fun at the gift swap.

Judy said...

What a great post! I'm so glad for you that you've found such a great bunch of women to get together with. The yarn finds sound good too.

Lindsey said...

I'm in my 4th week of retirement! I concur with all those who recommend it. I'm much more relaxed and am having fun even when I am cleaning and organizing around the house.
My husband did the housework and cooking for the 4 years I worked and he was retired and now it is time to deep clean and get the place back to organized. (How can a person know where to get something from a cupboard and not have any idea where to put it back after it is washed?)
I spend at least half my day doing my fiber loves and then split the rest of it into errands, cleaning, farm-y stuff, reading, and cooking. Toss in grandchildren and pets and it is a full life.
Yesterday I volunteered at the library and the went to knit night at the Meadow Farm Yarn Studio. It is a great group of people. So far I have all the socialization I need.
I read your blog faithfully (also Hilary's - I bought a looper loom right off the bat) and am thinking of starting one of my own. My hold-up is taking time to learn how to do photos and links. I'm too busy having fiber fun to get around to it.
Yea retirement!!!

Laura said...

I noticed the multiple "toppers" on the newest hat - how did that go? It looks really cute! I'd substitute the same thing on the hat pattern you bought - trust me, it works well!!

Kathy said...

I have been keeping up with you on FB, but wanted to "Check In" here as well. I think of you each time I use your soaps - so much like the ones I used to do. I love it!
I do hope you got Sven's fleece back again and have had a ball utilizing it in your spinning/weaving/knitting! I'm starting up doing things again (after all the thyroid issues these last few months). I do hope Mr. Charlie is still Snoopervising!
Now, on to more catching up on your blog!!!!!!

Jodi said...

Looks like you're going to be busy! I love the hat -- the natural color schemes really are beautiful. I can see why they've been selling like hotcakes!

Nina said...

You're hats are really nice! Alexia's choice on the Jackalope was a good one. I think that little critter is adorable. Her colour choice should make a brilliant beast.

vlb5757 said...

I told you you'd like retirement! I think I remember a conversation we had about how you were going to fill up all that time. See how wonderfully things have worked out?? New friends, gifts and sold a hat! Having a variety of friends is wonderful. Everyone brings something different to the table. Good for you!

Benita said...

At least the jackalope will be colorful.

I am so glad you have found so many friends since you retired. It's like getting to start all over and have a new life - albiet one that isn't nearly as energetic as the first one, eh?

Have fun!!