Saturday, April 05, 2008

Full Weekend

Feeding the sourdough starter every day for the three days prior to baking has made bread a whole new game. Yesterday I added four cups of white flour to the starter and then stopped to pour the new bag of whole wheat into its cannister. By the time I was ready to start adding the wheat flour, the dough was already bubbling. Look at the size of this bubble. I've never had energetic bread dough this this before. It truly is a living thing.

And yesterday I finally finished these socks that I started before New Years so I'd have something to knit on the plane. This is my first purple article of clothing, and I wore them today with my purple clogs. They're Little Arrowhead from the Harmony Guide of pattern stitches. I did so much ripping and reknitting that I should have four socks. I have decided that I am *not* a lace knitter.
Allison invited a couple of us over to celebrate Amy's birthday, birthday girl on the right. At first I looked at what was on the agenda for today, thought about the two hour round trip and then thought about how much these friends mean to me. Allison was teaching at Jimmy Beans until 12:30 so the invitation was for 1:30. Ian and I had friends coming for dinner at 4:00 and the grandkids were getting dropped off at 6:00 (date night for Mom and Dad). I am so glad I went - short as the visit was - there's nothing are rich as as old friends. Okay, *one* of us are old.
An unex-
pected bonus today - it's a turkey roaster. I asked Sara's advice on an indigo bath. I'd like to take one to the St. Mary's Fiber Retreat in June. She told me where to get Thiox and told me pick up a turkey roaster. She said they're cheap at box stores. Well, maybe in November, but I couldn't find one to save my life in Spring. I've been everywhere, so today I went to town a couple hours before the party and tried more obscure places, like thrift stores and Twin City Surplus. I was running out of time but tried one last thrift store. Bingo - here's the prize for $15.00 and no tax.

I got home before our friends - actually, I passed them on our 22 miles of two-lane road. They shoveled llama guano into the back of their truck for their organic garden before we had an early dinner, the last of the lamb chops from Mim's locker lamb. We had lost touch with each somehow and it was a great visit. Grandchildren were delivered on time. I took a walk with the kids - their requirement - and I read them five books before bed. Everyone is sleeping now but me, and I'm going to sit back, relax and see what you all have to say. It's been quite a weekend, full to the nth and I feel very satisfied - and tired.


Jodi said...

Mmm... homemade sourdough bread sounds just heavenly. The socks look great, if that's any consolation for the lace frustration!

Lee said...

See, I read it as you would "like to take (an indigo bath)." Which did seem like a rather *extreme* dedication to the craft!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have an old turkey roaster, please elaborate on how you are going to use it to dye; I think I would have soon thrown the thing away, now there is another use for it??

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

It was a fun time and I am so glad you came into town! Clearly, though, I should avoid horizontal stripes. ;-)

Kathy said...

It sounds as though you did have a really full, fun weekend! And are "we" admitting "we" are now of age to wear purple? ;) (I'm going kicking and screaming!)

All I got to do was shovel sheep-poo and run errands. Bummer.

Kathy said...

I've done quite a bit of indigo dyeing, but never in a turkey roaster. I'm w/Becky - how exactly DOES one dye in a turkey roaster?

cindy said...

Tell all.................what are you dyeing with the roaster?

Yum.......I love sourdough bread!!!