Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day of April

Today is the last day of April and the temper-
ature this morning is 28. I can see my breath as I take this picture. It blew furiously all day yesterday, bringing yet another cold front. My day lilies are prostrate - again. We ran out of firewood over the weekend but Ian was able to scrounge some downed trees so we have a fire in the woodstove this morning.
This appears to be another year where we will skip Spring entirely. I need to get tomatoes planted even so, and will put them in Walls of Water this weekend. Otherwise, the growing season will be too short.
On the good news front, I stopped to snap this shot - no, the place isn't on fire. Our neighbor, Joe Winter, is a potter who participates in a community wood-kiln firing, and clearly today is the day they're firing for the Spring show this weekend. Joe saw me, waved and started walking down the driveway, so already late for work anyway, I walked to meet him. He reminded me that the show is this weekend and asked me to bring soap down. I sold enough soap at his Christmas sale to pay for part of this computer. This is very good news. More good news is that the quakes seem to dimishing.

Check out this Palette Generator, sent to me by a friend in California. I tried it on my photos of Nevada, using a variety of seasons, settings and times of day, including sunsets. The palettes are really exciting and I think will be a wonderful took when I plan my next dye day. Warning, once you start, it's pretty hard to stop - just one more photo, okay, just one more...

I realized as I was ready to his Publish Post, that it was two years ago sometime during this month that I posted my first blog. I've made so many wonderful friends in that two years. How quickly that time has gone.


Margene said...

We're waiting for the snow to arrive later today. We're all more than ready for the end of cold weather. Time spent blogging goes so quickly! I'm glad I met you here.

Robin said...

Interesting seeing your vegetation - so different than what we have here. Hope you'll show us some of your neighbor's pottery.

Leigh said...

Happy blogoversary! I'm amazed that you still have such cold weather. Wish I could send you some of ours.