Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Flounders, I Think

Mornings are clear and cold. We still need a fire to make ourselves com-
fortable. We are getting low on firewood. This morning the llamas seemed to be happily kushed, but they did have frost on their backs. The calendar says it's spring, but my eyes aren't seeing spring.
By the time I drive home from work, this is what I see. This has been an unusual year - to stay so cold, con-
sistently for so long. We're going to San Francisco next week for a couple of days to see our youngest grandson, and his parents, and when we get home I'm planting tomatoes in Walls-of-Water, and they will grow because I say so. I've had enough.

As for the indigo dye bath, I realized that I didn't tell Sara that I have freeze dried indigo when I asked for her advice. I think I only need lye, and as a soap maker, I have plenty of that. I took an indigo dye workshop from Judith MacKenzie at Black Sheep Gathering a number of years ago. She told us that we needed an electric pot to keep the bath at a consistent temperature. That's how I plan to use the turkey roaster. The rest of the plan is rather nebulous but I expect blue.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Blue is good. Overdye with madder and you can add to your growing collection of purple. ;-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I like that word 'nebulous' :)
I am looking forward to seeing your blue!

Margene said...

We've all had enough of winter, sprinter and lack of spring. I hear it's coming our way this weekend and I hope she comes to you, too.

Laura said...

For the indigo, use Oxyclean or the like to get it alkaline, and then you will need the Rit Color remover (Sodium Hydrosulfite) to make it work. Otherwise, you'll be horribly disappointed... Buy several boxes of the color remover - you'll use them, eventually. You're going for a pea-green color in your dye bath - that will give you lots and lots of blue really quickly.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I'll bring the oxyclean!

...why oxyclean?

Birdsong said...

You are so right about spring dragging its heels... all of a sudden it is supposed to jump to almost 80 by the weekend and totally take us off guard. I am excited to hear more about your indigo project.

Kathy said...

We've had the same weather here...snow yesterday, wind, wind, wind today. We still have a fire in the evenings to keep warm but, like you, have a dwindling wood supply and I don't want to buy any more this season. We do have a furnace but there's just something about a woodburner that warms the soul as well.

Can't wait to see all your "nebulous" results! LOL!