Wednesday, April 23, 2008

San Francisco

In San Francisco, the city of self expres-
sion, you get this. It's the door to a flat that we walked by on our way home.

And you get this - the new DeYoung art museum. I wanted to see the exhibit of historic Turkmen-
istan weavings. We took the bus and had a transfer pass that would have allowed up to also visit the Palace of the Legion of Honor, which had a photographic exhibit that I wanted to see. By the time we left, I wasn't so keen on catching it after all.

I think my favorite exhibit was the city, as seen in the observa-
tion tower. This view catches the natural history museum, which will reopen in September. Sharon has already bought passes and I think it's symbolic that the hospital where Noah was born in right behind it.
Of course I could never do the museum justice, but I wanted to share this quilt, cum wall hanging. It's made from the aluminum caps from twist off wine bottles. You'll have to click for big to believe me.
And I do apologize that I don't have picture editing software, because this George Washing-
ton image is created from sewn dollar bills. I hope click for big will do him justice.


Sara said...

Didn't you just love the Turkomen exhibit? I about swooned.

And hey! my son was born at Moffett too:). I thought the view from the tower was indeed grand, and one of the best parts.

City as museum: fun! (especially when we live in the *quiet zone* and get to go home :)

Tina T-P said...

I've really enjoyed the pictures of your trip. I used to have my grandma make "rainbow ripple" croched baby blankets for my friends. They were so pretty and colorful. I can't wait to see what you do with that new rainbow fiber! T.

Birdsong said...

You didn't mention how you liked the Turkomen exhibit, but Sara's testimonial is convincing enough.. how much longer is it there? The two photos of 'quilts' are just amazing.. thanks. I do love visiting SF every now and then, but agree that I am glad to have a peaceful place to retreat back to.

soxchik said...

That's a lot of wine!