Sunday, November 21, 2010


I slipped outside the door the night before last to catch the "action." I won't bore you with the next day pictures - it would have just been more snow. We dodged a bullet with the weather that was forecasted - about a foot of snow. It was so slow moving that it partially exhausted itself on the western slope. My friends there are reporting power outages of 12 hours and more on Facebook - by cell phone.

Meanwhile, I dyed my too-blue yarn in a black- saddened olive dye bath. Huge mistake. I wish I would have just have dumped it into yellow. I got a dark blue-green yarn. Still apples and oranges, just different applies.
So today I put my poor tortured skein into a yellow bath, which is what I should have done in the first place. I'm concerned that it's over-dark at this point. I'm trying to decide if I want to wear a vest that is trimmed in this green. I'm thinking it's going to scream HOMEMADE. I'm thinking.
I've decided to knit a couple of hats from natural colored wools. Mim and I have elected to participate in the local craft fair. It wasn't an easy decision. It means we won't be able to attend our guild Christmas party. We met a number of our neighbors at the last craft fair in the valley south of us, and so we decided to gamble on this opportunity. There just aren't many occasions to meet neighbors.


Marion B. said...

Hi Sharon,
Your pictures are wonderful. I thank heaven that I live where I live because I don't like snow and things like that. But the pictures are beatiful. (and your knitting from your other post too hihi)

Jody said...

It really looks like Christmas with all that snow.
What a nice warm looking hat!

Nina said...

I love that hat! It's awesome. My sympathy on the snow. The longer it holds off, the better is my feeling. Power outages and slippery roads are never fun, no matter how pretty it looks.

Robin said...

I LOVE snow! Great hat, too!

Benita said...

And you don't have any trees out there to block the wind, do you? Just hunker down.

If the photo colors are coming through right, that green doesn't look too bad with that pink, but... I don't know.